The Rodman Law Group

The Rodman Law Group specializes in Business, Cannabis, Cryptocurrency, Distributed Ledger Technology, Securities, and Intellectual Property Law. We provide unmatched legal counsel, business consulting, and regulatory guidance to our clients.

Wilson Elser

Wilson Elser’s Cannabis Law practice assists growers, processors, distributors and vendors within the legalized cannabis industry as well as organizations outside the industry impacted by cannabis legalization.

Moriconi Flowers Ltd.

Moriconi Flowers is a law firm dedicated to applying decades of legal expertise to emerging markets. With well over 30 years of combined law practice at law firms large and small, Ted Flowers and Justin Moriconi formed Moriconi Flowers Ltd. in 2016 to serve the robust business development taking root in 21st century Pennsylvania. Moriconi Flowers' deep commitment to strong character complements the firm's clientele, many of which are elite performers within their respective industries.

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