Moriconi Flowers Ltd.

Moriconi Flowers is a law firm dedicated to applying decades of legal expertise to emerging markets. With well over 30 years of combined law practice at law firms large and small, Ted Flowers and Justin Moriconi formed Moriconi Flowers Ltd. in 2016 to serve the robust business development taking root in 21st century Pennsylvania. Moriconi Flowers' deep commitment to strong character complements the firm's clientele, many of which are elite performers within their respective industries.



Moriconi Flowers handles regulated cannabis business services nationwide and abroad. However, its practice is focused on Pennsylvania and New Jersey.  The passage of Pennsylvania’s Act 16 and the prospect of commercial marijuana regulation in New Jersey present opportunities, but also demands extraordinary regulation.  Our attorneys have been practicing in the regulated cannabis space since 2014 – two years prior to passage of Act 16 and are part of the professional wave that is washing over the regulated cannabis industry on the East Coast.



Justin Moriconi, Esq.

Justin Moriconi appears in Court’s all over Pennsylvania and New Jersey. He represents parties in adversary proceedings in the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Districts of Delaware and Pennsylvania, concentrates in oil and gas litigation, trust petitions, and lease disputes in the Marcellus Shale region of Pennsylvania and New York, handles business and personal disputes small and large. He routinely defends insurance carriers in casualty liability litigation and parties in transactional matters. Most recently, Justin successfully tried and resolved an eight-year litigation against an insured with a multi-million dollar demand for nickels on the dollar.

Justin formed Moriconi Flowers Ltd. in 2016 with Ted Flowers, a shareholder at a former large firm where Justin began practicing in the medical cannabis industry. Moriconi Flowers was formed to deliver large-firm services with personal attention for discerning clients.  Justin is a thought-leader in the medical cannabis space and Co-Chair of the Philadelphia Bar Association Medical Marijuana and Hemp Committee.  Over the past five years, Justin has developed an expertise in medical and commercial cannabis that spans the nation.

Building on almost 20 years in litigation, Justin is committed to Pennsylvania’s next young breed of entrepreneurs. His current practice specializes in regulated cannabis organizations consulting, formation, permitting, investment, expansion, and related ancillary legal services. Moriconi Flowers has successful permittee applicants in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Massachusetts, Maine, and on the Federal level.  Justin continues to return results in the face of adversity and against large firms for clients in all aspects of business and litigation.

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Ted Flowers, Esq.

Ted Flowers is the co-owner/founder of Moriconi Flowers, Ltd. a litigation firm focusing on the areas of cannabis business development and compliance, premises liability, transportation, and commercial litigation, representing clients in the marijuana, insurance, trucking, and gas & oil industries and has handled all aspects of litigation including depositions, mediations, arbitrations, and trials.

As a litigator, Ted has argued before state and federal appellate courts in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, as well as 1st chaired multiple jury trials through verdict. A 1997 graduate of Temple Law School, his experience in liquor licensing matters, representing hotels, bars, restaurants, distillers, and distributors through all stages of the licensing and regulatory process, made it a reasonable transition to establishing a cannabis law practice in 2016 following 15 years at a national law firm including 8 as a partner in the general litigation practice group.

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