The new normal is a fresh beginning for businesses, specifically the ones planning to reopen. Getting employees and customers back to your premises will require a lot of work. Ensuring workplace security is an ethical and legal responsibility of business owners. It becomes even more crucial in pandemic times when threats are more than the usual ones. Fortunately, you can follow a simple set of rules to ensure safety against the virus and physical threats. Here is a checklist of workplace security rules every business must follow in 2021 and beyond.

Prioritize COVID-safety measures

The priority right now is to secure your premises against the threat of the virus. You will need to understand the government guidelines before planning to reopen. Not following them can land you in trouble and even fetch penalties. Not to mention, the risk of the virus runs high when you do not implement safety and social distancing measures. Your employees and customers may get infected in unsafe conditions. It can lead to loss of business, work hours, and reputation, along with the risk of litigation. Take steps to ensure deep cleaning and sanitation of the place to eliminate every single germ. Focus on high-touch areas, and have proper signage to facilitate social distancing.

Revamp physical security

Since the focus is mainly on virus safety, you are likely to overlook the physical security of your business premises. It could be an opportunity for criminals looking to make their way into the premises. The best way to address the risk is by assessing the current physical security systems and revamping them. Start with stringent access control because you will want fewer people inside the premises. Consider investing in new CCTV systems, alarm systems, intrusion detection solutions, and video surveillance equipment. It may require some investment, but the initiative can give you peace of mind to work on more important things.

Train your employees

Employee training is another crucial aspect of workplace safety, and it becomes crucial amid pandemic times. A training refresh makes sense right now, considering that the threats extend beyond the usual ones. Create robust safety and security procedures, and implement them at all levels. Use these protocols to build training programs for the employees. For example, educate people about the value of sanitizing their workstations every day. Assign responsibilities for maintaining distance on the floor. Instruct employees to keep track of the entry and exit points to prevent unauthorized access to the premises.

Create a culture around safety

Regular training sessions and safety protocols are the first steps to ramp up your workplace for the new normal. But they are only a start, and you need to create a culture around safety for the long haul. Pandemic or no pandemic, your workforce should know the value of keeping the workplace secure at all times. A safe workplace makes them more confident and productive, so make sure that everyone does their bit. Allow them to share feedback on the policies and procedures. Let them take ownership of safe practices.  

Robust workplace security is one of the factors that determine the success of your business. It is vital to assess the current situations and realign your take on safety accordingly.