Real estate development is a lucrative business domain, but it seems reserved for men. However, there is no reason for women to give up on the opportunity. You can dip your toes into projects, navigate the risks, and work hard to build an empire. People will discourage you, but you must keep flying high till you break the glass ceiling. Fortunately, it is easier than you imagine. You only need to follow the right approach and mindset, and success will come eventually. Let us share some helpful insights from successful women in the American real estate development segment.

Do your homework

Real estate development is all about location. If you invest in the right location, profits will grow. As a woman in the industry, you will have to put extra effort into research. Study the real estate market and outline your investment area early. You need to have extensive knowledge of property values and growth prospects to stack your deals correctly. Be thorough and agile when it comes to expanding your portfolio over time.

Fuel your passion

No goal is impossible to achieve if you are passionate about it. Things may seem hard to navigate for women because they have a lot to manage. A comfortable job in a plush office appears to be a better alternative to inspecting job sites. But you must dive in if the idea of building homes and workplaces excites you. Once you start fueling your passion, you will want to go the extra mile.


Breaking the glass ceiling isn’t something you can do alone. Successful female real estate developers in the US highlight the value of collaboration. If you operate in Chicago, look for the commercial contractor behind the most recent Chicago developments to find the best one. Collaborate with someone you can trust for the long haul. They should also have rich experience and expertise so that they can show you the way ahead.

Sharpen your communication skills

The biggest challenge for women in this industry is communication. You have to connect with people from different backgrounds when you operate in the industry. It isn’t easy to bring investors, contractors, clients, and lawyers on the same page. But excellent communication skills can get you there. Learn the industry lingo so that you can understand and convey things better. Be a good listener because you need to understand the expectations of the stakeholders before going ahead with the projects.

Do not expect overnight success

The domain is challenging, and success doesn’t happen overnight, so keep your expectations realistic. Females have to struggle a tad more because there are gender biases and stereotypes to deal with. You will need grit, determination, and perseverance to stick around and wait for things to look up. Property development is a long game, and you cannot expect fast turnovers and quick workarounds.

Making it big as a woman in real estate development requires hard work and patience, but you can still achieve success. Follow these inspiring insights, and you can come at par with your male counterparts.