An industrial accident claim is a legal process that involves seeking compensation after suffering an injury while performing your work duties. The term 'industrial accident' does not mean that it covers only accidents in industry setups. It applies to all workplace injuries in any profession. Employers should take care of the health and welfare of their workforce. They should also take care of other people who their businesses impact. They need to ensure that they do everything necessary to reduce risks and prevent harm. If there is a failure on the employer's part leading to an accident, the injured is entitled to claim compensation.

Here is what you need to know about making an Industrial Accident Claim:


To be eligible to make a claim, the accident or illness must have occurred during your course of duty. You will need to prove that the injuries or illnesses resulted directly from the employer's negligent actions.

Time limit

In most cases, you have a limit of up to three years from the time of the diagnosis of occupational illness or occurrence of injury to make a claim. Start the claim process immediately after the accident. Doing it soon is best since the details of the accident or diagnosis will still be fresh in mind.


The compensation you get from the employer should help you in your recovery process. It could also be to ease the financial burden you and your family may incur if the illness or injuries render you unable to work. The amount of money you get as compensation varies depending on several factors. The extent of your injuries, the travel costs to and from medical appointments and the specific care and support needs are some of the factors that determine the amount of compensation you get.


Your top priority should be recovery. Seek help from a reputable accident at work solicitor. If you are in Miami, you can speak to experienced attorneys at Goldberg & Rosen to help fight for you. An attorney will do a better job building a case to prove that your employer's negligence caused your predicament. Also, an experienced lawyer will help you fight for maximum compensation within the shortest time. They can negotiate with the insurance companies to ensure the best outcome for you.
Ensure you share all the details of your illness or accident with your attorney. It will be easier to focus on your healing when someone is fighting on your behalf. Also, a solicitor can advise you on the chances of your claim being successful so that you do not waste time and money if the potential of winning is slim at best.


You have to prove that the accident or illness happened due to your employer's negligence before you get compensation. Your attorney will need some evidence to build a case. Corroborating evidence could be in the form of photographs of the injuries, witness statements, medical assessments, tax returns records to prove loss of earning, among others.

Wrapping up

Seeking compensation in an Industrial Accident Claim can be a tedious process. However, the right attorney and a robust support system will make the burden more bearable. An attorney can help you fight for what you deserve.