When you are new in the real estate investment industry, slick sellers will try to take advantage. The risk is a tad higher if you are a woman because real estate is a male-dominant sector. Thankfully, female investors are smarter than ever, and it is impossible to con them with clever sales pitches and incredible deals. But it is easy to fall for a timeshare property when everything sounds so unbelievably good. Imagine spending a week at the exotic Canto del Sol with your family or friends every year. Even better, you own a share of the property. However, you must see the other side of the picture before buying the timeshare. Here are the facts to consider.

Ongoing costs

The biggest concern about timeshare properties is the ongoing costs you have to bear year after year. If you don’t buy the property outright, you will have to repay the mortgage on it. Not to mention, the big annual maintenance bill can burn a hole in your wallet. Additional expenses include utilities, property taxes, and special assessments. They could run in thousands every year. It is a massive financial expense and you will not want to bear as a single woman, and even if you share your finances with a partner. You must have a fair idea of these costs before sealing the deal.


When you buy a timeshare, you will probably be happy about owning a property you can bequeath to your children. On the flip side, it could be an unwanted burden they will inherit from you. The inheritance does not include only your timeshare but also the hefty expenses it bundles up. Think twice before investing, and consider an exit if you already have a property at an exotic destination like Canto del Sol. Luckily, you can get rid of Canto del Sol Timeshare the easy way. Collaborate with a timeshare exit company that can ease the process for you, and you will be over it sooner than you imagine. But go ahead only after reading their reviews online.

Complicated resale

Whether you are new to the industry or a seasoned investor, you must opt for properties that are easy to resell. Timeshare is hard to resell, and you may lose money when you sell. You may have to compromise on resale value only to get away from the annual cost of ownership. It is best to skip properties that are expensive to own and challenging to get rid of. Moreover, they never seem to grow in value but only saddle you with annual expenses. Timely exit from the contract is the best solution, so find an exit company you can rely on and get going.

Women real estate investors have to be conscious about their decisions because they have a point to prove. A misstep is enough to get people talking about your weaknesses, so it is vital to make the best decisions. Skipping timeshare investment is the wisest thing you can do to keep your portfolio strong and growing.