If you are a global entrepreneur, choosing the country to set up your business is perhaps the most daunting decision. Picking a random destination is risky. You may end up facing tough regulations and an unwelcoming business environment. Even worse, the immigration process for the country may become a roadblock. Luckily, Italy is one country that offers ease on all fronts.

It offers excellent growth opportunities to overseas ventures with broad markets, easy regulations, and favorable tax structures. The immigration process with an investor makes it super easy to enter the country and begin a business here. If the idea sounds good, a great explanation is provided by the team of InvestorVisaforItaly.com to explore it further. Let us explain why an investor visa is ideal for global entrepreneurs.

A simple and speedy immigration route

Entrepreneurship is challenging in itself, and exploring the idea of going abroad is even more daunting. The last thing you want to encounter is a long and complex immigration process amid the stress of starting up. The Italian visa process is a breeze as it completes within a few months. Moreover, it involves only two steps. You have to start with an online application for a nulla osta (certificate of no application). Secondly, you can apply for the investor visa right at your nearby consulate, even without traveling to Italy.

Flexibility with investment options

Startup owners often struggle with funds. Expect the road to be harder if planning an international venture because the cost of immigration can add up significantly. Although the Italian investor visa requires a hefty investment, you have the flexibility to take your pick. It lets you choose between different investment routes and amounts. These include-

  • €250,000 in a startup in Italy
  • €500,000 in an established company
  • €1 million as a donation to a welfare project
  • €2 million as a purchase of Italian government bonds

You can choose an alternative that aligns with your startup budget. The best part is that the money has to come only after obtaining the residence permit. Until then, you only have to provide proof of funds. Moreover, your family can come along without additional investment.

An opportunity to work, grow and stay

The Italian visa offers more than immigration benefits to entrepreneurs with startup goals. It converts into a residence permit right after landing in the country, and you can get down to work without delay. You can bring your family and set up a home in the country besides getting the benefits of residence. The best part is that you have an opportunity to tap overseas markets across the EU with the freedom to travel visa-free in the Schengen area. The investor visa also lets you unlock the long-stay option as you get a permanent residence status after five years and qualify for citizenship by naturalization after ten years in the country.

An Italian investor visa makes a perfect match for entrepreneurs looking to immigrate and establish a startup in the country. You can seek guidance from an expert to get started with the journey.