Over the recent past, we've seen the construction industry experience major advancements. From using software in project management to adding robots in the overall construction work, a lot hasn't been spared in this ongoing growth in the sector. The plumbing industry is also one area we can say has been affected by these new trends.

If the latest plumbing industry statistics are to be trusted, the industry is set to grow tremendously. As a result, the more businesses can future-proof their services with the newest trends, the more they can meet customers’ expectations. Here are some of the top plumbing trends you should keep tabs on.

  1. Customers Need Education More Than Ever

The growth and development of the online space has given customers plenty of options at the touch of their figure. Due to this freedom, the temptation to shop around for the most cost-effective option regardless of the service value is more rampant.

However, most customers don't understand that a low price doesn't necessarily mean getting a good service at a fair price. This now leaves plumbers with the responsibility of educating their customers about the importance of quality craftsmanship.

While the internet has made everything easy, customers need to understand that it has exposed them to many risks.  So, it’ll be much more sustainable to inform your customer base about the value of your expertise.

  1. Customers Are Now More Concerned About Water Efficiency

The growing awareness of water conversation seems to have caught the attention of many homeowners. Concerns about high water efficiency are now high, highlighting the need to achieve global standards on safe water use.

With water use in buildings now depending on the installing-fixture type, customers are now trusting plumbers will make things easier for them as far as water efficiency is concerned. For instance, they’re more inclined to services that can design fixtures for efficient water consumption.

So, the chances of improving water efficiency lie in how water consumption is managed through installation designs. Luckily, the increasing availability of high-efficiency plumbing fixtures is expected to tackle this growing concern of water efficiency.

Smart Plumbing Fixtures Are Now the New Thing

The current generation is well versed with modern technology and will want nothing but the best. For instance, their preferences now transcend beyond the usual simple showers and other bathroom fixtures. Instead, they want more sophistication in their bathroom designs to include new technologies like;

  • Bluetooth showerheads,
  • Smart water heaters,
  • Sensors to detect leaking pipes

You need to be well-versed with these technologies and find out the most sought out smart plumbing fixtures as a plumber. In addition, knowing how most of these technologies function is necessary, just in case you meet a customer who is still not aware of how to utilize them. This way, you’ll stand a better chance of providing what your customers just need.

Bottom Line

The current trends are a new game-changer in the entire plumbing industry. So, besides delivering great customer service and performing quality work, plumbers need to know what trends their customers are interested in.