Startup branding is hard work because you have to compete with established players to achieve visibility and reach for your new brand. Moreover, money constraints can hinder your initiatives. Thankfully, social media marketing enables you to achieve more with less. While there are several platforms you can experiment with, Instagram emerges as the top one for startup brands. The platform has impressive follower counts and massive engagement rates, making it ideal for businesses on a tight budget and short timelines. You can go a step further with some smart hacks to ace Instagram marketing as a startup.

Create a brand narrative

Instagram is a story-oriented platform, so it offers the perfect opportunity to create a brand narrative for your startup. You only need to get creative with storytelling to hook the followers and retain them for the long haul. The best part is that you can add interest to your storyline by uploading compelling visuals to your Instagram Story. Sharing posts frequently keeps the interest going. Consider mixing regular photos, boomerang images, short videos, and live videos for extra attention.

Extend your reach with hashtags

Creating hashtags enables you to expand your brand’s reach and target specific audiences with your campaigns. You need not work very hard to identify the trending and relevant hashtags in your niche. Keep an eye on your competitors to check their strategies. You can also create a punch line hashtag for your brand name or product offering. The right ones can bring your startup on the same page with the top brands.

Consider buying likes

The good thing about Instagram is that you can leverage likes to spread the word sooner than later. Even better, you can consider buying Instagram Likes for a quick boost for your startup brand. Spending a bit on this strategy makes sense if you wish to make yourself visible to the target audience within a shorter time. The practice is completely legitimate, and you can capitalize on the momentum by going the extra mile with organic practices later.

Run discounts and deals

Posting exclusive discounts and deals on Instagram is another great way to power up your startup marketing campaigns. Although you may not have a massive budget for promotions, you can get creative with special deals, giveaways, contests, and freebies. These ideas go a long way in driving engagement and generating followers for your startup. You will be in buzz sooner than you imagine.

Leverage influencers

Although the idea of leveraging influencers may sound too expensive for your startup budget, the benefits make it worthwhile. Working with a relevant influencer can generate a massive buzz for your brand and offerings. Studies show that influencer marketing generates a significant ROI. You can opt for micro-influencers instead of collaborating with celebs if the budget is a concern. Just make sure they are relevant to your niche and target audience.

Acing Instagram marketing as a startup is a breeze, provided you are creative enough. Follow these simple tips to extend your reach without spending a fortune.