The tourism and hospitality industry has seen the rise of women to top positions, thereby proving that women can truly make it big in any industry when they put their hearts and minds into it.

From the beach resorts in Florida and the Maldives to the suburban hotels in London and Paris, these women entrepreneurs serve as shining inspirations to millions of women worldwide who dream of making it big in a highly competitive industry.

If you're among these women who are etching a career in tourism and hospitality, you'll do well heeding some reminders that the world's most successful female hoteliers and resorts managers follow themselves. Here are four tips for women entrepreneurs in the tourism and hospitality realm:

Make your facilities as comfortable as possible for all guests.

Hotels and resorts are meant to give all customers as comfortable as possible - something that is easier said than done. However, it's a non-negotiable item for women entrepreneurs who are holding a key position in these establishments.

As such, it's critical for you to go to great lengths to make every nook and cranny of your establishment as relaxing and inviting as possible. This would include hiring a reliable HVAC contractor to make sure that your hotel or resort's heating and cooling system components are functioning flawlessly. The components of room amenities, such as scroll compressors for refrigeration units, should likewise be in tip-top condition to make guests comfortable with easy access to cold beverages and desserts.

These are just some of the small details concerning creature comfort amenities that you need to keep an eye on. But, as they say, the devil is in the details and you better be sure that you won't miss a single one.

Be hands-on but do not micro-manage.

Managers of hotels and resorts generally tend to be very hands-on in all aspects of their operations. This is quite understandable since a single problem in one area of operation could go out of hand quite easily and affect the entire business.

Knowing this, you should find regular time to visit your facilities to check if things are being done according to your business' operational manual and business model. Your presence is also a way for your employees to know that they can be checked on the spot, so they won't be complacent with their duties and responsibilities. However, be sure not to micro-manage things to the point that employees are already finding it hard to function since they could literally feel your breath on their necks.

The bottom line is to find the perfect balance between managing your people and maintaining operational awareness and giving them some breathing room to do their jobs without you standing constantly over their shoulders.

Empower not only your workforce but the community as well.

You may have the best employees working for you but if they do not feel like they matter to you, they're more likely to be disillusioned and tender their resignations. Workforce empowerment, therefore, is a critical ingredient that you must secure if you want your recipe for success to materialize.

The same can be said about the community where your business belongs: they, too, need to feel that your business has a genuine concern for them. Keep in mind that your guests will pass by local roads and meet residents before arriving at your establishment, so it pays to have the community maintain a positive attitude towards your business.

You can achieve both employee and community empowerment through genuine care, commensurate salaries (for employees), and periodic community outreach for local residents. These gestures will send a signal that your business is not just about making profits, but more importantly, about making positive impacts on the lives of employees and the community members.

Practice the "What would ________ do?" exercise.

In business as in life, we often have to look up to some highly successful people to find nuggets of wisdom in decision-making and problem-resolution. On many occasions, we need to find inspiration and guidance from the way other people handle things and pick the bright ideas for our own situations.

As such, one of the best tips that anyone could give you is to ask yourself what would a highly respected tourism and hospitality figure or fellow entrepreneur from another industry would do in the specific situation you're faced with. A lot of the problems entrepreneurs have to deal with have certain things in common, which is why it's in your best interest to learn from the way those before you have handled a similar situation.

Your success as a woman entrepreneur in the tourism and hospitality business will require some hard work on your end. With these tips to help and guide you, that success story should be easier to realize.