Let us tell you an interesting fact here! The number of people buying the boats is increasing. Talking about the freshwater fishing boats, its sales increased by 3-4% in 2018. And the sales of personal watercraft rose up by 7-8%. What does that mean? The more people are buying it, the more they will look for their upkeep. That is where the boat cleaning business comes into existence.

Is that all?

Algae growth is not new for boats as it spends most of its time in the water. To prevent it from algae, mildew, and corrosion, regular cleaning is required. It helps in the maintenance and protection of it. Not only this, regular cleaning of the boats ensures that everything is up to the mark within and outside the boat. Moreover, it is a suitable option for boat owners who don’t have enough time for the upkeep of their crafts.

So, if you think this is a good business idea to invest in, here are the essentials of starting boat cleaning services? Let us find out!

Plan out the details – Now that you are all set with your idea, it is time to put the plan on paper. Putting it in black and white will make you more inclined towards your business. Make an outline of your unique selling points, budget, and so on.

Various studies revealed that proper planning helps in the smooth success of your business. Who will you sell your services to? This is where knowing about the target market becomes essential.

Here, the target market is boat owners. In most cases, the owners are short of time to clean their watercraft. Boat cleaning services come at their beck and call at this time.  

Know more about boats – There is no formal training for this field. But if you have passion, learning can never go out of its way. You can learn as much as you can through online resources. You can also search for a trainer near you or find a retired boat person to learn tricks and hacks. You should be well-versed with the nitty-gritty of the materials that make the watercraft, the cleaning equipment used for it, the safety equipment, etc.

Just a few tools will make the job easier for you. For instance – Polishers, buffers, etc. Buffers are used for polishing and waxing the vessel. It really enhances the look of the watercraft and helps in boosting its performance. Talking about the polishers, it helps in removing the pitted surface from it.

Another critical aspect here is to protect your vessel from any damage due to weather. Keep a check that any mildew does not build upon it. Prepare it for the worst conditions.

How will you store it to keep it safe? Here are some options to look into!

  • Outdoor – It is a way in which the watercraft is stored with the masts up. High coverage is required here to protect it from the outer harmful elements. It is suggested to shrink-wrap it, especially in the winters. It ensures the proper coverage and ventilation.
  • Indoor – This method is adopted to protect it from the sun and the weather. Don’t have a garage? You can rent a storage unit for it. Considering dry stack storage is also a good option. In this, the craft is stored in a rack in a building.

Once you are clear about the storage option, prepare it well for storage. Let’s see how you can do that!

· The foremost step is cleaning it thoroughly.

· Repair cracked hoses.

· Lubrication of spark plug holes.

· After filling the tank up to 90%, put antibacterial stabilizing agents to the fuel.

· Store the battery in a ventilated and cool area after disconnecting it.

· Eliminate the food wrappers and carpets.

· Check the shaft and the propeller for any damage.

· Leave the valves and drain plugs open.

Marketing plan – Effective marketing strategies are fundamental to build the customer base. This includes social media marketing, print and online advertising, etc. In this particular case, you can also hand out flyers and brochures at the yacht clubs or local marinas. Networking through word of mouth also helps in increasing the business. Let us look into the details of it!

  • Business cards – This method is cost-friendly. Include your company and contact details in it so that people can find it easy to reach you.
  • Flyers – Where does your target market shop? For example, you can leave your business cards or drop the flyers in the shops where the customers frequently come, like bait shops or marinas.
  • Special offers – Special offers can do wonders for you. Do you know anyone who owns a watercraft? You can offer a special discount to them if they refer your service to a friend. Additionally, offering a discount to first-time customers will often encourage them to take the help of your services.
  • Advertising – Now it is time to take your business on online platforms. On which social media sites your target market spends most of their time? Create profiles on that platform first. Also, make a website of your services.  

Advertising in the local newspapers is also a good idea.

Get insurance – Several types of insurance is required for these services:-

  • What will you do if your client gets injured? General liability insurance is the solution here. Not only does it help the client cover the loss, but it also provides protection in case their boat is harmed due to business actions.
  • To protect the equipment or supplies from any mishappening, commercial property insurance is the right way.
  • Employee welfare is a must in any company. What cover will you provide them if they get hurt on the job? In this case, helping them with workman’s comp insurance is important. It covers medical bills and legal fees.

The cost of insurance depends upon various factors like location, number of employees, etc. You must have set aside a fixed amount of budget for insurance purposes. Hence, to get the best deal, request quotes from different providers. Compare them by analyzing the difference between premiums, deductibles, and policy coverage limits.

To sum it up all

This idea can surely turn into a successful one. If you want to invest in a good business idea, then we have provided you with all the right tips and tricks. Don’t forget to keep the above-mentioned factors into account while building this profitable venture. You are surely going to make other boat owners happy by keeping their watercraft look great.