Every legal proceeding requires court reporters. They help in capturing and managing every record or information presented during trials in an unbiased manner.

For people, court reporting is only about transcribing information. However, it is much more than that. Court reporters perform the tasks of depositions and ensure that every deposition is made helpful in the court.

Therefore, selecting a court reporting firm is an extremely crucial task. But, every firm is different, which turns it into a daunting task. Fortunately, by considering the following things, you’ll be able to select the best firm for your case.

How Does The Firm Handle Deposition?

There are two main techniques of deposition, i.e., written transcript and video. Both are an integral part of the trial as it records the statements of witnesses. If there are some changes in the information that needs to be checked or recorded, it also preserves the testimony.

Traditionally, it was recorded on the papers. However, with the advancement in technology, there are new methods to record depositions. Choosing a court reporting service that uses several technologies means:

  • You'll get a faster turnaround,
  • Better evidence presentation, and
  • The ability to readily send videos and transcripts to other legal professionals.

It also reduces the chances of any mistakes.

What Type Of Technology Do They Use?

The present legal environment necessitates the use of cutting-edge technology in court reporting. Keep in mind that the opposing counsel will try to use these developments against you. The latest technologies will ensure that you are on par with or even ahead of the opponent.

The best service providers will make use of audio, video, e-transcripts, hyperlinked exhibits embedded in the transcript, secure online transcript/exhibit/video repository with search capabilities, touch screen monitors for annotating documents during testimony, videoconferencing, and much more while securing deposition.

In the absence of these technologies, the possibility of missing out on a vital piece of information increases. Therefore, you must learn about the technologies used by the firm. It will give you peace of mind that your cases will be settled properly.

Do They Have Proper Training And Certification?

In addition to the technology, you also need to ask about the training of court reporters. Understand that a Court Reporter who has received the necessary qualification and training knows the importance of depositions. Needless to say, their knowledge of the deposition process will come in very handy during the trial.

The certification exam for the court reporter varies from state to state. Nonetheless, the reporter must have a National Court Reporters Association (NCRA) certificate.

How Fast Are They?

Time is one of the most crucial elements of every legal matter. Therefore, you need to ensure that the selected firm can provide you a quick turnaround. They must take depositions, give them to the right person and prepare them for court on time.

It helps the attorneys to give real-time information. Moreover, they also help in creating an interactive display for court presentations. So, make sure that your selected reporting firm can give you a brief about the timeline. It will give you assurance that everything will work out smoothly.

To conclude

All the above-mentioned information will help you select the best court reporting firm. Besides these, if you have any kind of question or doubt regarding their service, don’t hesitate to ask them.