The IT industry is an amalgamation of several fields that are related to digital information and computers. The IT companies provide internet and computer-related services like software development, hardware or semiconductor equipment creation, etc.

With the push of leading companies across industries for digital transformation,

IT professionals have been the most in-demand members of the world's labour force in the 21st century. For this reason, the future of the IT job sector looks very promising.

Recent Trends in the IT industry

A few trends that have emerged during the Pandemic that is also likely to affect the future of employment are as follows:

Demand for new-age skills - Digital transformation is becoming a new reality for companies. With this development, the demand for new-age skills has increased in the IT sector. Employers are looking for talents in the fields of Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Automation, Cloud-computing, Blockchain and Information security while hiring for IT roles.

Rise of remote and hybrid working model- After the pandemic which forced us to adapt to the work-from-home model many organizations have realised the advantages of remote working and are planning to embrace it in their future operations as well.

Hybrid working models are being experimented with in jobs that demand physical presence sometimes. The flexibility of remote and hybrid models has also benefited the employees and increased their productivity and efficiency.

Increase in the hiring of gig-workers- The adoption of remote working has made organizations realise that freelance talent can also be hired for IT projects. The gig economy which was restricted to blue-collar jobs before the 2020 pandemic has changed and now freelancers are also preferred for the same.

Projected Growth

According to recent reports, during the period of 2022-27, the IT industry is expected to have a CAGR of 10.36%. IT services will get more demand in other industries with the widespread adoption of software-as-a-service and cloud-based services.

There has been a rise in the tech budget of companies, in the last few years, this means increased job opportunities for IT professionals. The Bureau of Labour Statistics informs that 667,600 new jobs are expected to be added to the occupation.

Start Your IT Journey

There is always demand in the IT industry for individuals who possess the latest skills. With an online IT career training program, you can learn entry-level IT skills such as desktop support, Microsoft server management and computer networking. Companies and IT firms will be providing opportunities to individuals with such skills. These courses will not only help you get a job and kick start your career, but they will also help you at your current job. A reputed and effective online course can help you in grabbing these opportunities.


The pandemic caused various industries and sectors to take a hit and the IT sector was one of them. However, this industry has recovered faster than other sectors. Employment for the IT industry is expected to grow faster than any other occupation. In 2022 and the coming years IT firms are expected to recover and grow to unimaginable heights. To take advantage of the acceleration and innovation of the IT industry, employment keeps up with the new-age skills and digital marketing trends.