How many times have you had to learn the hard way in business? And how much has it cost you?

What if you could meet with not only business experts but also your peers, to answer questions, learn best practices and talk about practical ideas?  CEO-U offers 101, 201, and 301 breakouts to cover nearly any level of business, and we believe in learning from each other.

Come find out more and get your tix now for December 9th in Marina del Rey!  

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"Sure, we believe in inspiration. But a tactical application is what gets the cash to flow." ~ Heather Mason

What is CEO-U?

We are all about nuts and bolts learning and getting down to... business. Real Business. If you really want to learn how to start a company with the tools you need, from legal to taxes to entity creation, you've found the right place. And if you already have a business, but want to meet with peers and experts to talk through the next steps or the hard stuff, like staffing, scaling and more, you've also found your home.

But - if you're looking for well-known or famous talking heads talking about how hard it was to start their 100-million-dollar-VC-funded-business, this conference is NOT for you.

We want folks ready to roll up their sleeves and build a solid, real-world company. If that's you - welcome!

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Sunday, December 9th

8:15am: Registration Opens

9:00am: Main Stage

9:45am: Tactical Workshops: Session 1

11:00am: Tactical Workshops: Session 2

12:30pm: Lunch & Main Stage

1:30pm: Tactical Workshops: Session 3

2:45pm: Fast Tips Workshops

3:30pm: Ask the Experts & Peer Networking

4:30pm: Main Stage

5:00pm: Cocktail Hour

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