Marketing will always be a sink-or-swim business aspect of any known company. That isn't a surprise since the marketing department will be making content and materials that will be the face of the company. The content that's at the forefront of these companies will always be the first thing that the public will see.

Should We Go Digital?

When most professionals think about marketing, they think about advertisements, commercials, endorsements, fliers, and a variety of different strategies. However, the problem with the traditional means of marketing during this time is that most are face-to-face will require most marketers to be near other people.

Of course, there are always other strategies other than having to be in contact with people. In the last few years, most marketing firms have gone online since it's an effective platform of letting the public be aware of a product or service without being limited to your local area. Is there a buyer from another city? Most E-commerce stores and businesses will not support shipping.

Another known reason why most business owners would instead focus on bringing their product online is that most industries that require face-to-face activities will usually put themselves at risk of contracting COVID-19. In addition, the number of foot traffic for most establishments have plummeted as an effort by the government and authorities to stem the rising cases and to flatten the curve.

So it's only logical that most businesses should be going digital instead of settling on conventional means of marketing.

Unconventional Marketing Strategies

On average, most marketing departments would use 30% of their budget on trade shows, traveling, attending conventions, and collateral if anything should happen. Naturally, most of these things will not be possible because of the public health crisis that the coronavirus has caused.

As such, marketers are challenged with more unconventional ways, with most re-organizing their budget to a more optimal set-up. Fortunately, there's a wide variety of strategies that we can utilize, such as email marketing, influencer marketing, search engine optimization, and paid media platforms that can quickly accelerate engagement to optimum levels.

So without much further ado, what are some of these strategies?

Search Engine Optimization

Search engines are known for being a gateway for users to brands and products; it is paramount that a business should invest in SEO marketing, even while a product is being launched.

Most of the time, individuals will use search engines to look for solutions to specific problems. For instance, searching on how to make a home inventory will usually lead you to several pages that will give you solutions.

Most online stores will utilize SEO marketing as an effective way of converting engagements into an increase in sales. If your website will be the first page to appear in a search engine, there is a good chance that you will be getting organic clicks. Some studies have shown that having your domain as the first link or on the first page of results can increase organic clicks by around 53%.

Content Marketing

This time of marketing is all about building a professional rapport with customers through content. Most of the time, this content is neutral and non-promotional and will generally try to help would-be customers with their problems.

Most of the time, the content will come in the form of blog posts and editorials. This type of digital marketing is related to SEO marketing. Since most individuals will search keywords, this will often lead them to sites.

Compared to other types of advertising, content marketing is quite subtle in how it operates. It allows brands to be part of a narrative rather than having to provide direct information about it. There's no hard selling involved. Content marketing is known for being a great way of gaining organic clicks.

YouTube Marketing

Polls suggest that around 70%of people would rather watch videos rather than having to read articles about a particular product or service. Every day, billions of users access video streaming platforms like YouTube for entertainment and advice. Most businesses have utilized YouTube as a way of selling a wide variety of products. Most channels will do reviews of products while giving a good amount of insight into the product and service.

Countless unconventional strategies can be utilized when it comes to marketing. They are not only limited to what's found in this article. In the midst of the new normal, it's essential to take the necessary steps to adapt to the pandemic's nature if ever we want to reach our sales quota.