TikTok has moved ahead as a winner in the social media marketing landscape in recent years. Brands can leverage creative video content to reach a massive audience on the platform. While the marketing possibilities here are limitless, budget constraints can make it daunting for startups. But you can seek inspiration from established brands and emulate their success with high-value campaigns. The best part is that you can achieve results without breaking the bank. Here are a few proven tips to make the most of TikTok marketing as a startup.

Balance entertainment with promotion

TikTok focuses mainly on entertainment, but brands must balance it with promotion. However, you must avoid sales-focused content because it can turn off the target audience. The key to engagement is to inform and entertain first so that you can hook the audience and build a loyal following on the platform. Once you have them on your side, you can add promotional posts such as exclusive offers, including tutorials with your product and buyers interacting with the merchandise.

Follow the existing trends

Experts recommend using trending memes and hashtags to create compelling and relevant content for your target audience. TikTok users seek such popular content, so you have a better chance of making your startup brand visible to potential buyers amid the competitive landscape. But remember to use your creativity and create fresh content even while leveraging the latest trends. 

Collaborate with experts

Adding TikTok to your marketing plan requires relevant expertise in the platform. But you may not want to expand your marketing team as a startup running on a shoestring budget. You can collaborate with a reputable tiktok advertising agency to run your campaign at a fraction of the cost of hiring new resources. The best thing about outsourcing services from an expert is that you get the advantage of their experience and expertise. 

Use influencer partnerships

Besides collaborating with an advertising agency, you can use influencer partnerships to gain brand awareness for your startup. Influencers have an impressive fan following, and partnering with a relevant one can help you connect with your niche audience. Beyond providing access to a broad audience base, influencer partnerships get you valuable recommendations from reliable niche leaders. Potential buyers are often willing to buy from new brands when an expert endorses their products and business. 

Maximize impact with effective timing

Timing is crucial for TikTok videos to be effective. Although the platform is for short videos, going too short means your message may be vague. Conversely, long videos can cause users to bounce away as they may lose interest and leave sooner than later. Statistics indicate that short videos between twenty and thirty seconds are ideal for TikTok marketing, so stick with the timing. Also, post consistently and at optimal timing to engage the audience for the long haul. 

Startups can win the TikTok marketing game without spending a fortune. Follow these simple tips to create compelling content, post it at the right time, and make your followers stick with your new brand.