Her story is one of those we need for inspiration and to tell women all over the world that it is never too late to discover one's passion. Sima was a child of an immigrant family and from a young age, she was taught not to have a voice. She always wanted to do the right thing and she quickly discovered her talent in piano that led her to become a piano teacher for over two decades.

After raising her family, she felt something was missing in her life. She decided to go against what people expected of her, she found her inner voice and decided to follow a lifelong passion. She created Sima Collezione at the age of 50. Her purpose with the clothing brand is to empower women all over the world by creating bold and vibrant dresses, which bring out their inner beauty and light.

Since the first vision and decision to pursue her dream, she has already by now achieved more than most people could dream of. She has been selected to show her first collection at NYC Fashion Week this September, she has been featured in Forbes and Bloomberg among others,  and her brand has already been awarded several awards and recognitions - and the first collection is not even finished yet!

Q: What's your background, and what are you working on?

I have lived a complete life and I have done a lot during my lifetime. I am married for 30 years coming up this month! I have 2 children, one 27 years old and another 25 years old. I have adopted an 8 year old as well. I have been a piano teacher for close to 20 years. I also sing classical opera! I have worked as board of director to 4 charities here in Los Angeles. I have traveled the world and have worked consistently on revealing my own truths. At the age of 50, I decided to follow my dream and passion as I created my company, Sima Collezione!  

Sima Azadegan

Q: How do you feel you stand out from other couture designers?

What I have done, I truly believe no designer in the world has!!! During Covid, while I was sitting at home, I created 50 designs of high style, elegant, evening dresses. While I was sketching these designs, I did not look at one magazine or one book. The inspiration came to me from my heart as well as my higher consciousness. These designs are very original and as I see it very raw!! I have brought back elegance, class, beauty, integrity that is so needed in our world today. I went even a step further during covid and created an art work for each of these dresses that exemplifies a theme from nature and divinity. In turn, I have created a clothing line with heart and soul. It is a clothing line with value and meaning. Ladies all over the world can wear these exclusive high style evening dresses that can give them meaning and value, depth and understanding about the meaning of life!

Q: What motivated you to get started with Sima Collezione?

What motivated me was the truth that I had a soul awakening at the age of 50! Every cell in my body was telling me to go forwards and follow my life long dream that I had ever since childhood. I had spent 50 years of my life, pleasing people and trying to do the right thing for everyone. At 50, I felt that it was my time to live my life and create my own destiny as I saw it. Even Though, I faced a lot of resistance from my closest family, I decided to listen to myself and follow my passion. Ever Since then, it has been a dream !

Q: What were your fears when starting your own business?

My biggest fear that I had was to get a budget to start this passion project. At first, my husband and children thought that I was delusional and were not supportive. I had to work so hard to get that budget from my husband to start this project. And so far, it has paid off for me. The other fear that I had was to find the right people with integrity to help me. If I felt that certain people were not right for me, I would not continue to work with them.

Q: What are your goals for the future?

My goal is that I want to bring a huge change to the apparel industry. I want ladies to look inside themselves and shine their own inner light rather than be so concerned so much with the superficialities of the outside world. I would also like to empower women not only through my clothing line but through my own story and my own dream!

Q: What are the biggest challenges you've faced so far?

Honestly, I have not experienced a big challenge! I am taking my time with this project and making my decisions thoroughly and with a lot of perspective. I do not like to make quick and fast decisions that would not serve me and or my company. I see myself doing this for the rest of my life, so I am not in a rush.

Q: What's your advice for female founders who are just starting out?

My advice is that no matter how dark the outside world is, you have to pursue your dream and passion. God has given us talents and gifts and it is our responsibility to manifest them while at the same time work for the overall good of the world!