1. What inspired you to create Qwaiting, and how does it address common challenges faced by businesses in managing queues?

I observed the difficulties businesses face when managing queues and customer flow efficiently. The existing methods in place were outdated and made customers more dissatisfied. Identifying this gap in the market, I saw the potential to develop a solution that is both advanced and user-friendly. This understanding of the necessity for a modern and accessible approach became the motivation behind the development of Qwaiting.

Qwaiting allows customers to easily join queues virtually, provide real-time updates, & a more efficient service experience rather than standing in long lines waiting for their turn. This allows businesses to allocate resources more effectively, reducing wait times and increasing overall productivity. 

2. Can you explain how Qwaiting's cloud-based queue solution enhances profitability for businesses using it?

Absolutely! Qwaiting's cloud-based queue solution plays an important role in boosting profitability for any business. It helps to improve customer satisfaction by efficiently managing long queues & reducing the average wait times. This increases the number of customers coming back for purchase which shows a positive impact on sales & revenue. 

Also,  this cloud-based model eliminates the need for costly on-premise hardware. This saves a lot of businesses money on maintenance. These cost savings may then be redirected towards growth initiatives or improving other aspects of the business to drive success. 

3. How does Qwaiting ensure a secure environment for both customers and businesses within its system?

I can confidently explain how Qwaiting prioritizes and ensures a secure environment for both customers and businesses. Qwaiting focuses on security, using a variety of methods to protect all users.

To begin with, Qwaiting uses strong encryption protocols to safeguard sensitive information shared between customers and businesses. This encryption helps keep personal details and transactional information confidential and inaccessible to unauthorized parties.

4. In what ways does Qwaiting's real-time update feature help businesses understand the customer journey and monitor staff performance?

Qwaiting's live update feature helps businesses understand the customer journey and monitor staff performance through actionable insights on queue patterns and customer interactions. The system tracks important metrics such as wait times, service durations, & customer feedback in real-time. These insights help businesses to identify issues, allocate resources efficiently, & improve service quality. 

5. Rohit Garg mentions over 65,000+ satisfied customers. Can you share a success story or testimonial that highlights the impact of Qwaiting on a particular business?

I am excited to share a success story that highlights the positive impact Qwaiting has had on many businesses. Changi International Airport, one of our clients, has greatly benefited from our queue management system. The airport, which is always busy with daily check-ins and departures, often experiences a rush at the counters due to flight delays and rescheduling, especially for restroom reservations. As a result, the staff faces challenges in efficiently managing visitor queries. The introduction of Qwaiting has automated the restroom reservation process, allowing the staff to better manage their workload. Initially, a kiosk application was installed at the airport, enabling customers to book restrooms on their own. With frequent flight disruptions, customers can quickly reserve restrooms through the kiosk apps without waiting in line. After booking, customers can check restroom availability on digital signage screens. The staff can easily track reserved restroom details through the Dashboard, ensuring a smooth check-in and check-out process.