Giving out rewards is one of the powerful tools that companies can use to engage employees. Recognizing and rewarding achievers in your organization is vital for keeping workers happy and retaining top talent.

When you want to reward your top-performing employees, you have to go beyond promotions and pay raises. Money isn’t enough for all workers to feel happy and motivated in their jobs.

If you need other creative ways to keep spirits up within your team and reward your top performers, consider these reward ideas:

  1. A “Token” of Appreciation

Some people like to talk about and even show off their successes in work and life. You can cater to these employees by giving them special tokens. This is a simple, tangible and meaningful way to praise your team members for exceeding expectations.

An example of a token is a shiny custom coin medallion crafted for employees who worked on a special project or surpassed their sales targets. The medallion should bear the name of the employee, the type of award and the logo of the company.

  1. Lunch or Dinner with the Big Boss

Access to people holding C-suite positions is extremely limited, especially if you’re part of a large organization. Setting up a private lunch or dinner with the President or CEO can make your top employees feel recognized and noticed. What’s more, workers will have the opportunity to personally pitch their ideas and suggestions to a top executive and decision maker in the organization.

  1. A “Passion Pass”

This is a unique reward, as you’re giving top achievers more time to pursue work- or non-work-related passions. Give your high-performing employees an hour each workday to pursue whatever project they want. Examples of passion projects include painting skyscrapers, trying out entry-level motorcycles and developing a mobile phone game.

A passion pass shows workers that don’t merely value them for the work they do at the organization. You also value employees for being awesome, creative and talented individuals.

  1. Brewery Tour and Wine Tasting

If you have wine enthusiasts in your department, consider taking them to a brewery over the weekend. Your top-performing employees can bring a significant other or a friend to taste fine wine and enjoy the tour.

  1. Casual Friday

If your workplace has a dress code, you could relax the policy a bit by letting your top achievers come into the office in whatever they want. Just remind your high-performing employees to choose an outfit that is not distracting, offensive or inappropriate to others. An example is wearing a plain white shirt, a pair of blue jeans and sneakers.

When you give top achievers the option to wear something casual on Fridays, you allow them to be more comfortable at work. What’s more, it’s a way for them to positively stand out from the team or department.

  1. Half-Day Friday

Taking the Friday afternoon off is another great reward, as top achievers can enjoy a bit more downtime in the workweek. A half-day Friday allows them to get a jumpstart on their weekend or plan a fun out-of-town trip with friends and family.

Don’t worry if the other employees feel jealous when they see your top performers begin packing up at noon. After all, these awesome workers deserve this reward.

  1. Lyft or Uber Ride Credits

If your company is in a city where ridesharing is common, give your top employees ride credits for Uber or Lyft. These credits can cover a month of their trips and are good for both business and leisure purposes.

Consider these seven ideas when coming up with a rewards system for your high-performing workers. By making rewards part of your corporate culture, you’ll be creating an emotionally invested and motivated workforce that will stick with you for many years.