For many people living in a rental home, the rent is the biggest expense, so they would like to relocate to a cheaper house. There are many families who have purchased their own home in Los Angeles and would like to move from their rental home or older home to their new house. Since most families lack the expertise to pack and move the various household goods, they are looking for a reliable moving company to assist them in relocation. Maxpower movers is a well established moving company in los angeles which offers both residential and commercial moving services for families, individuals and businesses.


The customer of the moving company can choose to pay either an hourly rate or a flat rate. Since Maxpower movers is also a trucking company in Los Angeles the hourly rate of $125 per hour, includes two movers, one truck which is seventeen feet and moving service. Many families prefer to pay the movers a fixed rate, which is based on the items which are being moved, especially the furniture. The staff of the movers will visit the premises to assess the items which have to be moved, and based on the size and weight of the items, destination, they will indicate the moving cost.


Commercial rental and property rates are higher compared to residential rates, and the sales at a shop or commercial establishment depends to some extent on the location. Hence a large number of businesses are relocated after a few years, especially if they find commercial premises at a better location, at a lower rate. Maxpower movers offers commercial moving services for all kinds of businesses ranging from shops, banks to restaurants. The staff will carefully pack all the furniture, equipment, supplies and ensure that they are safely delivered to the specified location.


There are many reasons why people relocate to a new home, less time commuting to the workplace, less pollution or harassment by neighbors. Moving homes is usually a stressful experience, since items may get damaged, misplaced or lost during the move. The professional and well trained staff at Maxpower movers greatly reduces the stress involved in moving homes. Using their extensive experience they will carefully pack all the appliances, furniture and other items, using the best packaging material, so that no item is damaged. They will then transport these items to the specified address, and unpack the items, so that they can be used.