The thought of renting an office space is one most startup owners don't like to harbor. The idea of moving away from the comfort of their home office and into an actual office equipped with various amenities can be daunting, like relocating from a two-bedroom apartment to an 80,000 square feet mansion.

Of course, making those big moves can be unsettling, especially when you consider what it involves. And given the fact that the real estate market is crammed in major metropolitan areas, renting a coworking space may be what you need to take your startup to new heights. However, if this isn’t convincing enough, we’ve put together a few things you need to know about making that move to a shared office space.

Working from home is cool, but it isn't always the answer.

Working from home can be great. The flexibility is there. You don't have to spend money on rent, nor do you have to deal with the tense workspace atmosphere. Seated on your comfy Herman Miller office chair, faced with your laptop and a few office gadgets, you can operate your business. The simplicity alone is addictive. But, such a minimalistic setting is not what your startup needs, especially if you have good aspirations.

Relocating your startup from your home is one of the best ways to establish your business. And since traditional office spaces aren't the best for startups, you are left with coworking space. Operating your startup from shared office space is a wise move, considering the many benefits that come with this workspace.

The rent is affordable, unlike the traditional workspace. You can as well leverage the shared internet services, electricity, and round-the-clock access. These amazing benefits can go a long way in fast-tracking the growth of your startup.

That said, let's take a look at a few reasons why renting a shared office space remains the best move for your startup.

Reasons why renting shared office space is the best move for your startup.

1.  It is very affordable and flexible.

One of the biggest reasons why many business owners in Dubai prefer renting a shared office space rather than a traditional office space is the difference in their prices. Renting a shared working space in Dubai is cheaper than its counterpart. In addition, coworking spaces often come with many extras like internet services, security, and access to conference rooms, furniture, and other necessities needed to maintain a good working environment while your business thrives.

Besides, unlike the typical traditional office where you are usually required to pay for a year or two rent, a shared office space can be rented for months, weeks, or even days, depending on your needs. Such an agreement doesn’t tie you down to a long contract, thus allowing more flexibility and giving room to change once the needs of your business change.  

2. Quality space

It is common for startups to begin at home. We are all aware of the cliché of a business owner creating a successful business from his or her home office. But, there is a point when such a setting may not be suitable for your business. When that time comes, you may have to move your business from your home to somewhere with quality space and a more professional setting.

You don't expect your startup to be stagnant. If you do, then you should remain holed up in your comfy home office. However, if you expect growth like an optimistic startup owner would, you need to start considering renting a place to easily discuss products and services with clients. You wouldn't want to have such a conversation in the office space of your garage.

3. Networking

A coworking space is a space that is shared by two or more businesses. Such a space is usually ideal for entrepreneurs and startups as it makes it possible for them to scale up and scale down their team members depending on their needs.

The aura in a shared office space is usually lively. And the setting makes it possible to network with one another. As you probably know, where networking thrives, new ideas are birthed. So having your startup in a shared office space is the perfect way to meet other startup owners and learn new things.

In addition, thanks to the cafeteria present in shared office spaces, workers can come around during the working day, rub minds and create new working relationships, which is beneficial to your startup.

4. Improved facilities than your home office

While working at home can be cool, we would agree that it also comes with its fair share of disadvantages and one of them is the absence of the right office facilities. For instance, an office for rent in business bay boasts more facilities than your home office. And the reason is quite glaring. The former is a professional working space, while the other is a makeshift working space.

A shared working space is equipped with everything you need to run your startup optimally. There is security, Wi-Fi, heating and A/C systems, printers and scanners, a backup generator, cafeteria, conference room, and other facilities your business needs to function.

As mentioned earlier, the cost of renting a shared working space is not much. Thus, as a startup owner, you should consider this a good bargain, given the facilities you'll have at your disposal.

5. The ideal working aura

A shared working space is an ideal environment for a startup. The aura is enough to fire you up whenever you feel down, lazy, or frustrated. The various amenities, which are more sophisticated than those you use at home, help you run your business without any hindrance. In addition, your coworkers are also there to provide you with the support you need while ensuring that the workplace passion remains intact.

Final Thoughts

As a startup owner, the thought of moving out from your home office to somewhere spacious and well equipped shouldn't send shivers down your spine. The sooner you see such a move as a sign of growth, the better for you and your business.

If you weren't sure how renting a shared office space can help your startup, I hope this article has provided you with enough insights.