Engaging with customers can every time feel like reaching out to a crush that doesn't know about you much. You wish to start a conversation, but you also want it to be effortless and natural. Suppose you look too eager and very much interested. In that case, there is a possibility that they may move to your competitor.

Knowing how effectively you can engage with your customer will help in making fruitful contact with them. Remember that engagement can enhance your sale, and re-engagement with customers can build a reputation. If you have already engaged with them in the future and wish to re-engage when you need to go through these ways:

Send them a valuable note

Here we are not talking about sending a note through email. Your customer must be getting too many emails and calls on a daily basis. Sending one more can get ignored by them. Thus try an old-fashioned method and write a valuable note to your customer. You can even add an article with a note that depicts your business and can convey helpful knowledge.

Make sure you handwrite the address and the note to make it look more personal and unique. This act will undoubtedly strengthen the bond and relationship without the customer in a positive way.

Reach out with a "happy birthday."

This might look like a very traditional style of engagement, but it always works. Sending a "Happy Birthday" message or email makes the customer feel remembered and special. Make sure you enter each date of your customers' birthdays in your CRM or calendar to automatically get notifications.  

If sending a birthday email looks monotonous to you, then you can try out a new way, i.e., send a physical card at your customer's doorstep. This will be very innovative and personal and will enhance customer engagement.

Regularly request customer feedback

Customer feedback is not only a way to stay connected with the customers, but it even gives you the chance to improve your product or service. There are many ways you can ask for their feedback, but the latest one is using a customer engagement platform, where customers get paid for giving feedback. They love to give opinions and feel great when you respond to their feedback. So make sure when you are designing a feedback form, add some creative questions and multichoice answers. This makes the feedback interesting.

Share their content on social media

These days every person is busy on social media platforms. Even your customers must be using them and posting plenty of stuff. So when they share feedback or a picture of your product on their social media. Then try to repost it on your social media account. This will enhance the engagement, and your customer will feel noticed.

Final Words

Customer engagement is as important as planning for your revenue. Because engaging customers has the ability to increase your sale leasing to more profit. So ensure that you work on your customer engagement process and choose the right strategy for first-time engagement or re-engagement.