Meet Portia Niles, co-founder of Kronos Digital Asset Group, a company dedicated to helping everyday people understand the world of cryptocurrency. With a background in accounting, Portia is uniquely qualified to educate both beginner and advanced investors on how to make informed decisions in the cryptocurrency space.

Inspired by digital influencers Isaiah Jackson, Mike Tha Investor, and YouTube personalities The Modern Investor and Digital Dave, Portia is determined to give ordinary people the tools they need to succeed in the digital revolution. She believes that cryptocurrency investing shouldn't be reserved for large corporations and institutional investors, and wants to empower underrepresented populations to build their own wealth and make informed decisions about their finances in the transitioning digital economy.

Currently, Kronos Digital Asset Group operates as an educational and consulting firm. However, Portia and her partner Rodneil Harris have big plans to take the company to the next level, building investment portfolios for their clients and delving into private equity.

When asked about the inspiration for her company and the main challenges she faced, Portia said, "We have been dabbling in the crypto space since 2018, we got really serious in 2020. We would get a lot of questions from our friends about crypto. We are based in NYC so purchasing certain crypto is much more of a challenge. We decided to start our business from there, that was the spark. We realized that many people were crypto curious but not super knowledgeable. The main challenge we face is the fear of the crypto market - while most are curious and want to invest, the volatility scares them, and being that we are relatively new in the space it gives people some pause."

Portia Niles: Co-Founder of Kronos Digital Asset Group

When asked if she started the venture alone, Portia explained, "No, I started it with my fiancé. He's tech (a 20 year IT professional) and I'm money (a 20 year financial professional)."

As for her business model and how she's grown her revenue, Portia said, "Education, insight, and training is what we do now. We're working on expanding to a full service IA (Investment Advisor) firm. We're focused on putting good, reliable content out there and adding good value for now - the clients will come."

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