Rubi is the Founder of Podcast & Co. a company that is assisting podcasters with all of the editing, assistance with starting a podcast (should you be a newbie) and just support in the podcast world. She's an entrepreneur, creator and audio pro.

Rubi works with high-level entrepreneurs, coaches and influencers to not only connect with their audience but to have their voices be heard. She wants to help everyone elevate their voice.  

Q: What's your background, and what are you working on?

My background is in music. I've been songwriting since I was 7 and after highschool I got my degree in audio engineering with an emphasis in post production and live sound. Now, I've transitioned into the podcasting world, still working with audio. Currently I work with 1:1 clients doing podcast production and management and just opened enrollment for my Just Podcast Audio Certification Program. I am so excited to open more income opportunities for my students!

Q: What motivated you to get started with Podcast & Co?

So, I never even thought about pivoting into the Podcasting world. In fact when I started in the podcasting industry I jumped in with my own podcast. It was a way for me to gain my voice back, being a female with a limb difference in her early 20s in the music scene caused a lot of lack of confidence. So, podcasting was a way for me to really push myself out of my comfort zone. At the time, I was working with a business coach and she brought up editing for other podcaster and I was like "...but editing is easy? like who would pay?" little did I know that not even a year after I started offering my services I was going to go full time and quit my 9-5. But once I launched I really focused on my why and that is to help coaches, influencers and high level humans connect with their audience in a more personal level and for current podcasters to match the quality of their audio to the quality of their content.

Q: How have you attracted clients and grown your company?

When I started it was really all about me reaching out in the DMs. I was really offering to do "sample clips" for free and sometimes I'd do a full episode for free. I would reach out to podcasters I wanted to work with and if I didn't have a relationship with them really focus on that before pitching. I was hoping on 5-6 "fit calls" a day and really just showing up. I remember going to my day job from 9-5 and then working on client stuff from 6-3am. I was dedicated to make this happen. I am so grateful that now all my clients are by word of mouth. I still show up on instagram and bring massive value but most clients come from referrals now.

Q: What's your business model, and how have you grown your revenue?

I tend to do whatever feels right at the time. I'm not the type of person that builds a business plan from beginning to end, that doesn't work for me. But, I'll say this. Connecting with my ideal client and putting them first, having them feel like they're my only client. At the end of the day it's a relationship, treat it like one. I've noticed that when I genuinely connect and put this emphasis on impact thats when the income streams in. My impact of course is bringing incredible audio to match my clients incredible content and having them connect to their audience in a deeper more personal level. I also love doing referrals so when a client refers someone to me and if they become a client, I commission the one that referred them to me. Know your limits when it comes to how many clients you can take and then to grow, add people to your company. I'm so happy I recently hired one of my past students to join the Podcast & Co. family as an editor which means we were able to double our 1:1 clientele.

Q: What are your goals for the future?

Q: Definitely grow as a company and step into the educational field more. Like I mentioned in 2021 I am personally hosting the Just Podcast Audio Certification program. It's a 3 month course where I teach you everything about production, audio and how to build a successful podcast production company. I am determined to help new/upcoming producers hone in on their skills and have them bring in a part or full time income from it.

Q: What are the biggest challenges you've faced and obstacles you've overcome?

I feel like podcasting is in the growing phase and a lot of podcasters still do their own editing. So, reframing that this past year has been a journey. Having our mission really be focused on giving the podcasters back their time to really create and make their podcasting journey more efficient.

Q: Have you found anything particularly helpful or advantageous?

Once you get your clients settings, save them as templates! haha. It will save you so much time rather than fiddling with the eq & compression every time. When doing interviews, record separate tracks for each participant. Value your time and learn the main frequencies! It just makes editing so much easier when you can listen to something and be like "oh that harsh pop sound (or plosive)  is coming from the 20Hz let me cut that down".