Locker room games are different from virtual games. These games test your wit and intelligence in real-life situations. Furthermore, you can play these escape room games with your family and friends. Hence, these games are super exciting.

Where can you play quest room games?

There are many places to play these escape games. But, 'Escape Hour' ( in Canada is the best place to experience these real-life games.

'Escape Hour' games can be played at two places - Edmonton and Calgary. Each of these places can offer you 7 different games. This means, 14 different escape room games are waiting for you in those places. Hence, 'Escape Hour' is your true destination to play quest room games.

How to play escape room games?

You will get 60 minutes to play these quest room games. First of all, you have to choose your team members. Then. after selecting a game, you will enter a locker room. Now, you and your team members have to solve riddles and puzzles to get out of the room. Ain't it exciting?

Why Escape Hour is the best place to play quest room games?

  1. Versatile Games. 'Escape Hour' has many types of quest room games. You can play here - sci-fi games, detective games, action games, battle games, puzzle games, and more. So, you will get an opportunity to play your favorite characters.
  2. Perfect Themes. Themes are truly important. Because without the right themes, you can't feel the game. That's why 'Escape Hour' has designed their themes carefully. Each of their games has attractive and impressive themes. As a result, these games become intense and you never get bored.
  3. Choose Your Team. A team creates the very spirit of the game. In these real-life locker room games, you can choose your own team. Consequently, you can build your team with your friends or family members. Moreover, 'Escape Hour' allows 2 to 10 people in a team. Apart from that, the games have different difficulty levels. So, you can play these games with kids and adults. Therefore, you would enjoy every minute of these escape room games.
  4. A-Grade Safety. 'Escape Hour' has provided A-grade safety to all its games. They have a Game Master to watch over each team. This game master helps a team to play locker room games. Moreover, the game master keeps an eye on a team during their games. He uses CCTV cameras to safeguard a team. Hence, you and your team will get superb security inside the locker room.

'Escape Hour' games are truly amazing. These games are unique, versatile, and engaging. Hence, these quest room games are far better than virtual games. So, come to 'Escape Hour' and experience a new world of gaming.

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