Every corporation spends a good portion of its budget on brand image. From PR campaigns to community events, companies often put a lot of effort into creating a positive image in the mind of their consumers. Indeed, some of the most successful companies here in Atlanta have a very robust brand image thanks to years of painstaking effort. And yet, one of the most simple ways to improve the brand image is the aesthetics of the office.

Good office decor can give off upbeat and refreshing vibes. This helps in establishing a pleasant first impression even before a company officially starts a relationship with its client. and with that, the number of professional office interior decorators has also increased.

Importance of Office Decor for Brand Image

Every company needs to show its brand values to a potential customer. Office decor just so happens to be one of the most effective methods to do so. Despite its seemingly innocuous nature, office decor tells a lot about a company. For example, an open and airy design might allude to the freedom afforded to employees. On the other hand, an office space filled with cubicles might feel constrictive. In addition to these, good office decor also helps improve the brand image doing the following:

  • Communicates the message of your brand: The office design represents the identity of the company. A tech company that claims to create the future should have office decor that represents its vision for the future. Similarly, a company dealing with analog watches would do well with a vintage office design. Office decor connects the message of the company to its clients.  
  • Keep employees happy: Good office decor can create an easygoing and cozy environment that can help boost satisfaction and productivity among employees. Employees who are happy with their work environment and likely to speak positively about their employer. Consecutively, this will improve brand image among other potential employees as online reviews from ex-workers are one of the driving factors behind the image of a company.
  • Improves client’s opinion: Good office decor works as an example of a company's work ethics and culture. A client is likely to be impressed by observing the company's value in the way their office is designed. This will result in positive word of mouth and helps to build a strong image in the minds of customers.

Effective Ways to improve Office Decor

There are several approaches employers take to effectively use the office space to create an interesting office design. There are now many service providers who specialize in making the office environment more approachable and friendly. Some of  the methods they use are:

  • Exterior painting: The paint of the workspace also helps in projecting a good image to your clients. It is vital to keep your brand message in mind when choosing exterior paint.  It’s best to hire a professional before making a decision regarding it. You can find one by looking for ‘exterior painting Atlanta’ on the internet. They can help you in deciding on the color scheme, the product quality and will get the job done within a given timeline. Bright, upbeat color designs project a funky, and chill environment. On the other hand, solid dull colors project a more serious message.
  • Interior decoration: It is important to give a cozy feel to the office. Your office should not feel like a cold, mechanical factory but warm and welcoming. Use creative artwork, paintings, and accessories to give it a home-like feel.
  • Highlight principal areas: Some areas of the offices are visited more often than others. Use these areas to display your company's goals, motto, and achievements.


Office Decor is an often overlooked part of a company’s brand image. And yet, effective utilization of the office space can reap dividends when it comes to improving brand image. Nowadays, more and more companies are realizing this fact and spending to improve their office spaces.