Are you planning to visit the UK this year? If yes, you must know that as a Non-British individual, you need to get a UK visa first. Whatever your reason for visiting the country is (for a vacation or for expanding your business overseas), you can not enter without a permit.

The UK visa application is one of the strictest and most scrutinized processes. That’s why every year, thousands of applications get rejected. According to the statistics, approximately 118,292 applications were denied, leading to an 18.84% refusal rate in 2020.

Therefore, before you apply for the visa, you must understand the causes of rejection. It will help increase chances of application acceptance as well as help you save time and resources.

Most Common Reasons:

  • Deception- It means submitting false documentation. As the application process is scrutinized thoroughly, you must not take a casual approach to the application. Fill the form correctly and with the correct information.
  • Deportation order and a criminal record- Another common reason for nonacceptance is applicants having a deportation order. In addition to this, if the applicant has been convicted of a crime or is given four or more years of imprisonment, the application won't be accepted. Likewise, if an applicant deliberately hides the documents of criminal record (if any), the Visa will be refused.
  • Insufficient funds- One of the eligibility criteria for Visa states that the applicant must have enough funds to cover at least the first 28-days in the country. For instance, if you are going for business purposes, you need at least £1,270. Nonetheless, it would be best to seek some advice from a UK immigration lawyer as the eligibility criteria might get amended over time. Lawyers can help you understand the rules and regulations properly. Moreover, they can also help you create a good application file to avoid any hassle.
  • Overstay: In case the applicant has visited the country in the past years but overstayed, their application can get rejected. Understand that the UKVI (UK Visa and Immigration) is very strict with its rules and regulations. Therefore, overstay and submitting false documents is a big NO for them.
  • Noncompliance with the Visa regulations: If the applicant fails to submit medical reports, photographs, or biometric scans, the application will get rejected immediately. So, before you apply, consult your lawyer about every requirement and document and attach them with the file.

Besides these, there could be other reasons as well. Such as:

  • Not having a valid passport or travel documents.
  • Non-disclosure of material facts related to the application process.

Also, what information you submit in the application form plays a significant role in selecting or rejecting the form. In case the UK immigration office thinks that there is no particular reason for the applicant to visit the country, they can refuse it. Therefore, you must seek proper guidance from the lawyer and ensure that you qualify for the Visa.

Final words

All these are the reasons why your application might get rejected. In case of rejection, the department will mail you the reason for rejection. So, you can elevate your chances of approval by associating with an immigration lawyer who will help and guide you throughout the process.