Name: Meghan Jewitt

Company: Uniform Teeth

Nomination Category: Top Midsize Business Female Executive (25-100 employees)

500-word description of the nominee's achievements in the last 12 months:

As the CEO of Uniform Teeth - the San Francisco based orthodontic care company bridging the gap between direct-to-consumer convenience and orthodontic-led dental care - Meghan Jewitt led the company into an era of massive growth and innovation while continuing their lasting commitment to inclusivity in the workplace. Meghan grew Uniform Teeth from a company of just 17 employees in 2018 to 66 employees in 2019.

During this time, Meghan has not only continued Uniform Teeth’s commitment to creating an inclusive workplace, but also doubled down on this pledge, fostering a 65% female and 71% minority workforce in 2019. Under Meghan’s leadership, Uniform Teeth recently raised a $10 million round of funding from the same investors as Warby Parker, Casper, and Allbirds bringing their total funding to $14 million.  

Throughout this period of rapid growth, Meghan led Uniform Teeth on a path to disrupt the clear aligner industry and modernize orthodontia with the belief that everybody deserves to have a beautiful and healthy smile. Uniform Teeth has built their entire care experience with world-class orthodontists as the foundation, meaning that treatments begin within in person orthodontist-led consultations to understand the complete health of a patient's mouth. During these initial consultations, orthodontists are able to identify underlying issues, preventing irreversible damage like tooth or bone loss.

Uniform Teeth can handle anything from mild to complex cases in just a few visits, backed by weekly check-ins through their app. This allows them to create a convenient experience for customers at a significantly lower cost than traditional metal braces or other clear aligner brands, while still focusing on the quality of care. As Uniform Teeth reinvents the orthodontistry experience, Meghan is committed to pairing science and empathy to create the future of quality oral care.

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100-word executive biography of the nominee.

Meghan Jewitt, the CEO of Uniform Teeth, has always been driven to make a positive impact in the lives of others leading her to explore the healthcare industry. After studying biomedical engineering at Columbia University, Meghan received her MBA at Harvard and has since built a career in transforming health services. Meghan’s desire to advance the field of health sciences and serve others has crystallized into her role as chief executive of Uniform Teeth, where her mission is to be a transformative force in the healthcare industry while creating a new and better way to deliver smile care.