Lucid Maven is a strategic consultancy that connects clients to next generation culture: the ever-evolving and multicultural youth zeitgeist. Lucid Maven will provide clients with insights and craft digital and live experiences,  and develop social impact strategies. To learn more about Lucid Maven, visit

What inspired you to found {business} and what were the main challenges you faced?

Lucid Maven, a strategic consultancy group to help companies connect to next generation culture,  is an expansion of emerge/next leaders, which started as my passion project that I started when I was teen; it is an annual program to ensure that Black and Brown students had equal access to future-forward knowledge about career pathways in creativity, technology, and business.   Since our inception, we’ve had the ability to stay current, contextually fresh,  and highly inclusive - people come for the content and the culturally relevant way we deliver it.  The inspiration for expanding my business came from the business inquiries that we’ve received from companies to work with us toward their objectives. Coupling that with our team’s industry knowledge of creating global campaigns for world-class companies in beauty, entertainment, retail, QSR and more - it made sense.  In order to fulfill the need, we had to expand our services. I have seen first-hand the reactivity to youth culture and its impact on all businesses.  There are countless companies that probably the average consumer can reference that missed staying connected causing them to fail versus the companies that stayed connected with culture - listening and innovating along the way.

Did you start the venture alone?

It was my brainchild but I am not going on this journey by myself. We actually have an ecosystem that is made up of cultural pioneers and young mavens. It’s a rich network of leaders who have built the images of some of the most recognizable and impact icons to some of the most dynamic young adults that live across the nation - from large to small cities.

What's your business model, and how have you grown your revenue?

We just launched our new division to the network of brands that contacted us before we expanded. Additionally, our business model is completely built off of collaboration and championing next generation culture - it’s a nurturing business model that is refreshing in the marketplace. We are structured to collaborate with agencies, brands, nonprofits, and any client that needs to connect with Gen Z and prepare for Gen Alpha. As a small company that is independent of publishing companies, corporations, or any large conglomerate we are able to craft strategies that truly connect with our clients goals and are not skewed by any other business goals.   Becoming a student of culture is a marathon not a sprint. We have a multitude of ways that clients can engage with us - from subscribing to our quarterly cultural insights reports which will help keep clients on the pulse of next generation culture to custom focus group labs to more comprehensive strategic consultancy.