Name: Lauren Hasson

Company: DevelopHer

Nomination Category: Top Small Business Female Executive (1-25 employees)

500-word description of the nominee's achievements in the last 12 months:

Lauren has developed a repeatable, scalable, and affordable platform that provides women knowledge and specific tools and empowers them to realize their value and potential, take personal responsibility for their career growth and reach higher to create their own success. Lauren's vision is to share this mission with companies and educational institutions across the nation.Through DevelopHer speaking engagements, women are invited to participate in and take responsibility for their own growth and success.

Organizations investing in the DevelopHer Zero to Hero program have found their employees benefitted from a fresh look at their careers. According to one company officer, members of their women’s network who attended, “left ready to take a new look at how they are approaching career growth and personal motivation.” In addition to speaking engagements, Lauren has and will continue to secure partnerships with companies and educational institutions to implement the technology platform for the benefit of their students and employees.Lauren's business model has seen early success, and she has been hired by top companies like Google, Dell, Intuit, Armor, and more to train and inspire their women. Lauren has also achieved success in higher education with partners such as Tufts University, Duke University, and Texas A&M.

The most recent higher education partner is Indiana University, who recently adopted the DevelopHer platform.The scalability and affordability offered through DevelopHer programs has allowed and empowered thousands of women to earn 26%, 43%, and 67% salary increases in just a single negotiation.

Through DevelopHer, Lauren has created real change at a grassroots level. Women have also gained the confidence to secure better positions and move beyond glass ceilings, bridging the challenging opportunity gap. Lauren arms women with tools to earn higher salaries and gives the confidence to reach higher in their careers. This change and impact are evidenced by the clients DevelopHer has served, and by the number of awards DevelopHer has received.

A few of Lauren’s most recent accomplishments are listed below.

• Winner of Gold Stevie Women in Business Award for Startup of the Year, Consumer Services 2019,

• Winner of Silver Stevie Women in Business Award for Female Solo Entrepreneur of the Year 2019,

• Winner of Stevie Bronze Award for Tech Startup of the Year, Services 2019,

• Winner of Stevie Bronze Award for Startup of the Year, Consumer Services 2019,

• Finalist for United Nations WSIS Stakeholder Platform Prize 2019,

• Finalist for the Women in IT Awards Silicon Valley Diversity Initiative of the Year Award 2019,

• Finalist for the Women in IT Awards New York Innovator of the Year Award 2019,

• Featured in DataBird Business Journal as 1 of 250 Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs 2019,

• Invited to attend meetings with the United Nations in New York City and Geneva, Switzerland to discuss bridging the gender wage gap in technology,

• Collaborated with the Chanel Foundation to empower women in technology.

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100-word executive biography of the nominee:

DevelopHer founder Lauren Hasson is an accomplished software engineer and has held several senior leadership roles in her career. Her professional engineering work has been featured in Apple keynotes, she was one of 100 top innovators invited to attend the UK G8 Innovation and Decide Now Act Summits, and she’s won multiple, high-profile hackathons. Lauren holds a degree from Duke University, where she graduated Phi Beta Kappa and magna cum laude with a triple major in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, and Economics in just four years. She is a graduate of Leadership Texas and Leadership America.