With time and increasing demand, the cardboard manufacturing industry expands its wings and introduces different types of cardboard products in the market. One of the most significant illustrations is cardboard tubes. Here is a brief about it.

What is a cardboard tube?

As the name suggests, a cardboard tube is a cylindrical-shaped cardboard piece manufactured using wood pulp. Here, the manufacturer can use different cardboard materials, including - fiberboard, paperboard, composite material, kraft paper, adhesive, and much more. Usage of adhesive materials is to strengthen the cardboard tube joints. Some of the most common uses of cardboard tubes are kitchen towels, fabric rolls, toilet papers, wiring, and much more.

Some other perks of having cardboard tube includes -

  1. For storing plastic grocery bags
  2. Organizing the office supplies
  3. Segregating the cords and cables
  4. Keeping formals crease-free
  5. For storing cloth napkins and much more.

Interesting uses of cardboard tubes - making a huge statement.

Benefit no. 1 - A cloth retailer’s best friend

A cloth retailer can make the most out of cardboard tubes. These can be utilized for wrapping carpets, bedsheets, and huge articles before putting them on display. It helps you keep your retail store inventory organized and wrinkle-free for long. What is more interesting is the fact that you can reuse the cardboard tube once your article is sold.

Benefit no. 2 - Flexible durability

The best thing about these tubes is that you don’t need a hammer to turn or twist them. A slight force is enough to give it a desirable shape (until it does not have multiple layers). Moreover, you can color or cover it with a preferred paper for a perfect look. This is the reason why an industrial paper tube is a recommended thing in the artwork world. All in all, you can use it in any manner possible.

Benefit no. 3 - An eco-friendly choice

Cardboard tubes are an effective and eco-friendly choice as compared to toxic plastics. It is the leading rate as compared to the other packaging materials available in the marketplace. Moreover, it is easy to recycle and reuse.

Benefit no. 4 - A great packing tube

Yes, you read that right! Cardboard tubes can work as a reliable packing tube. One can use it for shipping goods appropriately. The best part is, there are plenty of sizes, shapes, and customization options available to choose from. These tubes are lightweight and come with a heavy duty factor to ensure safe shipping.

Some quick facts

  1. More than 80% of the products sold in Europe and the United States are packed using cardboard.  
  2. Paper and cardboard waste makes no less than 41% of solid waste streams in the world.
  3. The used cardboard pieces take only 75% of energy to be recycled and reused once again.
  4. Recycling only a tonne of cardboard is enough to save up to 46 gallons of oil, 6.6 million Btus of energy, and 40000 KW electricity.

The conclusion

Cardboard tubes are beneficial and practical for many purposes. Plus, what makes it a preferred choice is zero side-effects and cost-effectiveness.