The new normal brings a host of opportunities for IT professionals as technology is the mainstay of business revival. Tech skills will be in high demand as businesses look to align with the current landscape and customer expectations. If you are in the IT industry, it may be the best time to work on a growth roadmap. But taking your career to the next level requires strategic planning and timely action when the domain is hot. Missing out on the chance means you may never get it again. Here are some helpful tips by IT leaders to help professionals take their careers a step ahead in 2021.

Have the right mindset

Even as your services may be in high demand, you cannot expect a lot on the money front. Organizations are pressed for funds at this point as they are in the revival mode. They may not have six-figure salaries on offer, but consider factors like learning and development and long-term growth as you take the next step in your career. Grab the opportunity if there’s a new skill to learn and the company has a sound footing.

List your options

Growth is imminent for IT professionals this year and ahead because business comeback hinges on technology. But you have to look for the right opportunities and grab them as they come. Keep track of the open options matching your skill levels. If you cannot find any, you are possibly looking in the wrong places. Think beyond job boards and leverage social media and your personal network to list your growth options.

Revamp your tech skills

IT is a dynamic field, and the best way to unlock growth is by revamping your skills. It isn’t the time to waste energy, only hunting for opportunities. You can utilize it to upgrade your skills. The best thing is that you can do it without spending a fortune because there are plenty of free learning resources online. For example, you can check programmathically if you want to get a start with machine learning. Adding more to your portfolio opens new opportunities on any day.

Build your brand

Taking your career a notch higher is also about marketing yourself, even if you are in an in-demand field like IT. Focus on building your brand so that you have a strong presence and visibility. Be active online, network with the right people, and showcase your skills with an impressive resume. Seek recommendations from your connections because they add to your credibility as a professional. Find creative ways to add to your personal brand, such as speaking at a webinar, starting a blog, or providing voluntary services for a noble cause.

After a tough year amid the pandemic, this may be the year of new hope for IT professionals. Businesses will definitely need to go the extra mile with technology, so this may be the window of opportunity to strengthen your career. Stay open and be flexible to secure the best chances of growth when they are around.