In today's world, everyone and everything is online. There are companies that fetch important data before providing any kind of access to their products and services. Most of the personal information you share today gets uploaded online.

From improving the customer experience to refining their own marketing strategy to transforming data into cash flow, a company can use your personal data for multiple purposes without the user getting to know about it. You can protect your data by following these simple steps;

Checking Site Security

Before you start browsing a website and feed your personal information on it, make sure that the site is perfectly safe. All the safe sites begin with the URL "https" and also have a lock symbol on top of the website.

You can go through various elements on the website like privacy policy, verified secure seal, contact information, among other things, to make sure whether the site is trustworthy or not.

Managing Your Settings

Cautiously go through the security and privacy settings on your social media and various other profiles. You need to get a clear picture in your head before changing your online settings. Your posts and notifications should always be private. That is, it should only be visible to your friends and contacts.

Skim through your recent updates to help you evaluate how much of your private information has been shared online. Whether you share your check-in information or send a picture out into the virtual world, anything and everything needs to be thought of carefully.

Being Aware

Simply by paying attention to your data, you would be able to understand how much of your sensitive data has been getting compromised. If need be, remove unnecessary information like your birthdate, mailing address, and phone number, among other things.

You can switch on the incognito mode on your desktops and mobile phones, which will help you determine what data is being used. You would be alarmed after getting to know the extent of personal data being shared and sold without your knowledge.

Having A Proactive Approach

Privacy breach has become a normal headline in today's tech-savvy world. So, more and more consumers are becoming aware of what unauthorized services go on around the internet.

You can take control of the situation before it becomes a problem. You need to take a proactive approach, rather than a reactive one, towards your privacy management. Be mindful of potential threats and always read the Terms and Conditions carefully before moving forward.

Get Paid For It

If you are someone who stores every piece of information, you could be sitting on a goldmine. Companies collect your data in one way or another. So, it's better that you sell your data to the companies to consent to it and can also make money from it.

There are various apps and websites that help you in data monetization with phone. From increased revenue to increased data quality, there are various reasons why there are numerous companies out there that legitimately buy your data, and you get monetary value out of it


You can always protect your sensitive information from online companies. There are multiple ways to easily control who and to what extent your information goes out into the virtual world.

You can save your private data from getting misused. You can also get monetary benefits from selling your data since companies need to acquire such data for multiple purposes.