Motherhood is a complete transition that affects your career as well. As a new mom, you will probably need to take a break from your job to serve your parenting duties. But you will eventually have to get back on the professional front after the break. You cannot expect the return to the corporate world to be a smooth one. It will not be a straightforward career path, and you may even have to start from scratch. But you can bridge the career gap and plan a comeback with the right approach. Here are a few practical tips to help.

Rebuild your confidence

It is easy to lose your confidence after an extended maternity break. The pressure of taking care of your newborn child and meeting your maternal responsibilities is immense, and it can hit your confidence as a professional. However, think of motherhood as one of the parts of your life. Imbibe self-confidence as you get ready for a new organization, position, and work environment. Your skill and knowledge will help you find the right opportunity and apply with positive thinking in mind.

Re-establish your network

You have been too occupied handling your child and stayed ahead of a professional network. You might not have been in touch with your previous colleagues, managers, and other professionals. It's time to reach them again and ask for a possible opportunity matching your profiles. While at home, schedule online meet-ups and phone calls to know more about the current job market and available positions. If necessary, then opt for a professional course that helps you get the right profile.

Rework your resume

Start reworking your resume because things change after a maternity break. Presenting yourself in a new and effective manner gives you better chances of a successful comeback. You can connect with ResumeWritingLab CV for professional writing services as experts are in a better place to create an impressive resume despite the career gap. Ensure your resume highlights all your accomplishments, achievements, and certifications. Use motherhood as a badge of honor to strengthen it further.

Reset your interview skills

A lot has changed in the industry in recent times when it comes to interviewing processes. Virtual hiring is the new norm for companies to select candidates. You have to be aware of the current interview standards. Good preparation can help you showcase your best, know answers to relevant questions, and do online tests. Watch the latest interview videos based on your job profile and gather points. This homework will help you shine in the interview with the necessary knowledge and the right attitude.

Revamp your wardrobe

Your appearance matters the most when showing up for a job interview. Hiring managers look for the overall persona of an individual in terms of skills, intelligence, physical looks, and behavior. Make sure you update your wardrobe as you will probably need new clothing for your post-maternity body. Wearing a professional outfit makes you confident as you attend a physical meeting with potential recruiters.

Re-entering the professional world after a maternity gap is easier than you imagine. You can get a step ahead by doing the necessary preparation in advance. Follow these tricks to kick start your career on a positive note.