With the offices are reopening in the new normal, businesses have to prepare for a fresh start. You may have made several clients during the remote work era. Expect them to be keen to meet you in person at your office. Obviously, they will want to know more about your business, how you run your enterprise, and what culture you follow. You cannot afford to lose them, so it is vital to make the first visit the best one. Here are a few valuable tips to make a great first impression on your clients so that they have better chances of sealing the business deal.

Ramp up the entrance

Your office entrance is the first space where the client drops in and asks about your availability at the reception. It is imperative to ensure they like the entrance. Start by improving the curb appeal of the property. The entrance must be well posted with signs of different rooms and directions inside. Another relevant thing is to have someone available for assistance and make clients feel comfortable as they wait.

Invest in office branding

You do online and offline branding of your business offerings. The purpose is to attract the attention of prospective clients. Apply the branding mindset to your office infrastructure as well. Dull and drab office space is bound to send across a bad impression. No client would appreciate the sight of unorganized furniture, dim lighting, and grey wall paint. Create an inviting space using bright walls, wall art, and interesting furniture pieces. Ensure that your office space replicates the look and feel of your brand.

Show off your credentials

Every business owner wants to make a long-lasting impression on the client and looks forward to years of relationships. Showcase your creditworthiness in the office and generate a trust factor. Display awards, certifications, and proof of achievements everywhere a client can see them. Present your personal achievements as well. You can buy high school diploma and university transcripts, frame them, and hang them on the wall. You can preserve the real ones at home and impress the visitors with realistic copies.
Let your staff do their bit

Be ready to impress the visitors with your pitch and hospitality. Your office staff must prepare well to welcome each client. The employees must know their duties well in advance, such as how to greet, offer refreshments, and communicate with the guest. Pick the senior stakeholders of your company to do the honors of hosting the client during the initial stage. Extend a warm welcome to show how much they matter to you.

Ensure a quiet space

When it comes to meeting the client in person, there will be a lot of points to discuss and opinions to share. The space you select for client meetings must be quiet, distraction-free, and equipped with technical essentials to prevent setbacks. Even better, choose an area away from the working floor in your company. You can even prepare a space with a view outside to ensure appealing aesthetics and natural lighting.

Client retention is the key to increasing your business ROI in the long run. The best way to make them stick is by creating a favorable first impression when they visit your office. Great products, services, and support do the rest.