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Welcome to the final part of our “How to Create a Killer Online Course” series.

We’re bringing in some of the most talented course creators to share their best tips to help you get your course stand out and your learners engaged.

Read on to see what they had to say:

26. Learning happens best within community.

Be sure your course platform has a way for students to connect with each other, share their work and get and give input.
Deb Boulanger

27. Pricing - Don’t overthink it.

If you get greedy and over price your course, you might have less sales.

And if you end up lowering your price, you will have to reimburse those who paid a premium. 

If you under price your course and have bonkers sales, you could always test raising your prices and the initial buyers will know they got a great deal.
Mary Burak

28. Ensure each learning outcome is not only magnetic, but also compelling.

Such learning outcomes communicate to the reader what they will get at the end of the course in measurable terms.

Make these outcomes align with what most learners want to be able to do after completing training.
Joe Bailey

29. Interview in person or on the phone.

This may sound like a waste of time but it will help you make sure there is a real demand for the course you are about to spend hundreds of hours creating.

Talking to your potential customers before building your course will also help you make the course as helpful as possible because it won't be based on what you think is helpful but on what you know your customers want.
Benjamin Houy

30. Leverage Your Emails.

Treat your subscribers like honest relationships that you want to maintain, nurture, and provide value to. (Hint: the better you do this when you’re not in launch mode, the more success you’ll have when you are). Leverage Email Marketing! 

Email is the #1 way to sell your course - it’s the most intimate and well-received among any online channel.
Dani Paige

31. Make sure you have contracts for everyone that show you clearly own all IPR and Copyright, before you start anything, and includes a non-disclosure.

Ensure you have these signed before parting with a penny.
Martyn Kinch, Training ByteSize

32. Be consistent in your launch.

If you have a launch date, keep it. If you commit to a weekly Q&A, follow through.

If you announce an 11 o'clock start time, start on time.

If you have set the goal of sending a monthly email, send it.

One of the kindest gestures of honor to give a client/student is consistent follow through on your word.
Karleen Andresen

33. The cost of a professional proofreader is worth it.

Try Upwork or Fiverr to contract a fresh set of eyes on your videos and course materials.

No matter how good you think you are at catching errors, course creators are often too close to their own content to catch simple typos and grammatical errors.
Cecilia Gorman

34. Grow your list through launches.

You may exhaust your network after 1-2 launches. Focus on strategies to grow your list during launches (webinars, freebies, mini-courses, 5 day challenges).
Tricia Dempsey

35. Create a course that targets your area of expertise.

In my case it was fitness for people with multiple sclerosis (MS). Make sure the course you create covers all aspects of the field you are educating about. Include video demonstrations and educational sessions.
David Lyons

36. Find a narrowly defined audience and understand their pain point.

"Young women" or "new moms" is not narrowly defined, just FYI. "College-educated women between 23 and 30 with a full time job and not enough time to do X" is better.”
Kasey Luck

37. Think about how you can add more value to what you're offering.

For example, I do live sessions with my students instead of just giving pre-recorded videos to them.
Kristina Azarenko

38. Keep lessons short.

The days of hour-long courses are over.

It's best to break up content into digestible bites no longer than a TED Talk.
Deb Boulanger

39. Copy Is KEY!

Your copy - sales page and sales emails- need to articulate the transformation that your client will receive. It needs to speak specifically to them, make them feel understood, and get them thinking, “yes, you get me!”.

You do this by creating an emotional connection with your reader - use stories, make your copy benefits-driven, and speak from a place of genuine support that taps into their fears and desires.

If your copy falls flat - you’ve got nothin’!
Dani Paige
seth meyers lol GIF by Late Night with Seth Meyers

BONUS: 3 Key Elements for the First Profitable Course Launch.

1. Have an audience who wants your product.

This is KEY. Start building your email list in advance by writing blog posts or posting engaging content on social networks and always including a Free Bonus in exchange for an email address. Then engage & nurture those subscribers so they are warm and ready when you're ready to launch.

2. Do a pre-launch.

Typically, it's a 3-part free email course on some skill that is complementary to what you teach in your actual course. Send that free online course over the course of one week, give your readers "homework" (make sure it's easy & doable) - the more they are engaged, the more committed they are to making a change in their life (that your course will help them do). In the last email of the pre-launch, tease your actual course.

3. Do a 7-10 day launch, no more.

Here's the exact email plan:

  1. Monday. Announcement! 15% off for early birds, 24 hrs only.
  2. Tuesday. reminder that the 15% off expires tonight.
  3. Wednesday. Case study / success story.
  4. Thursday. Webinar. Do a "sneak peak" or "product overview", show what it looks like on the inside, bonus points if you can get past clients or customers on the live webinar to share their experience/transformation. Have some kind of bonus for people who buy during the webinar (an additional mini-product/resource/or time with you).
  5. Friday. FOMO (fear of missing out) email + reminder of the webinar replay. The webinar bonus extended, expires tonight.
  6. Saturday. 2 days left! In-depth overview of the course again.
  7. Sunday. 1 day left! Instagram live or facebook live to answer questions.
  8. Monday. Last chance, doors close tonight.

Kasey Luck

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