Despite the leaps and strides that women have made in the workforce in the past few decades, the fact remains that it is still far more difficult to make it in business as a female entrepreneur. Women’s business alliances work to pool together resources, opportunities, and mentorships so that the women of today and tomorrow have a better chance at making their dreams a reality.

While there are plenty of established alliances already, there is always room for more. You may want to create one to help those from your country thrive in the United States. You may want to start one in your niche industry. There are so many reasons to start a new Women’s Business Alliance, and with this guide you’ll know just where to start.

Be Clear on Who It is For and Why Yours is Different

Small, niche alliances are a great way for those in specific demographics or industries to find support, advice, and opportunity. By being clear on who the alliance is for you can immediately start to capture the attention of female professionals from your background or industry (or even both).

Create a Structure

Will your alliance host talks? Events? Meet-and-greets? Create a structure of the types of resources that your alliance will offer, as well as how you intend to make money. You can sell tickets to events you organize and host, you could charge a small membership fee, and so on.

In short, create your business plan. Alliances need to be run like a business so that they can continue to offer resources, support, help, and guidance.

Create a Thriving Digital Platform

If you are serious about championing a new alliance for women, then you will want to develop a platform where they can meet. While you can absolutely have a local alliance that captures the attention of female professionals near you, it is better for all if you opened it up nationally or even internationally, and for that you will need a professional platform. This means doing more than finding a website theme and getting it set up, it means getting in touch with web developers or Vue.JS consultants to see if the project you have in mind is a good fit, and to then hire Vue.JS developers remotely to get your project up and running. A great website or mobile app can make it easy for these professionals to connect and start sharing resources.

Reach Out to Potential Members

While the ultimate goal is that future members will come to you, don’t wait until your project gathers dust. Instead find female professionals and entrepreneurs who would be a great addition to your alliance and get in touch with them to see if they would like to join, and what kind of contributions and resources you were hoping they would offer for those just starting out. Being clear about what you expect and what you could offer is a great way to increase membership with prominent women in your field.