Technology has changed almost every industry beyond all recognition over the past few years, as business models which previously relied on word of mouth to find new customers are now using the internet to source their trade.

Truck haulage is one such industry because what previously would have required a combination of 'traditional' advertising like billboards, magazine adverts and sponsorship, and word of mouth can now be achieved through methods like search engine optimization, social media and targeted online ads.

Furthermore, you can find lots of work through truck load job boards, which connect you with potential customers directly.

Not only does this change the way you search for customers, it changes the type of jobs you will typically complete. Rather than simply rely on a handful of long-term clients, you can complete one-off jobs for new customers, which is useful if you have a quiet period.

This is how technology can help you find haulage customers:

You can find customers on haulage boards

One of the best avenues you can use to find customers for your truck haulage business is truck loads job boards, such as Shiply.

These websites allow you to search for loads that match your specific requirements. This is perfect if you only carry certain goods, or your truck can only carry a particular amount of goods. Once you have found a load you want to haul, you can submit a quote for how much the job will cost.

If the customer is happy with the amount, you will secure the work. During this process, you will be able to see what your competitors have offered too, which will help you come to a reasonable price.

Create an online presence that attracts the right demographic

The internet has allowed businesses to be far more targeted as to who they advertise to, and truck haulage is no different. There is no point in you using your precious time, energy and money trying to persuade people who have no interest in hauling to use your service.

Instead, create a customer avatar that you can use to mold your content around, whether it is SEO-friendly blog posts, social media posts or videos. This way, you will attract potential customers to your site, who are likely to use your service, rather than time-wasters who came for the free content.

Try to focus on a couple of online platforms at a time, rather than attempting to build a presence on all of them. It is better to have a large following on Facebook, rather than a small one on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, for example. It will also drain your resources, which is not ideal.

Post in local community notice boards

If you are only a small business, then you could always get involved in your local community by offering your services on community notice boards (often found on platforms like Facebook and Reddit).

This is not a long-term solution, but it is a good way to build recognition and find some initial customers.