Renovating and remodeling can make your residential property more enjoyable to live in. If done right, it can bump up the value of your house along the way.

Take note, though, that not all renovating or remodeling projects can deliver significant value to your home. Some home improvement projects can add significant value to your property, while others can potentially bring down the sale price.

If you are planning to sell your home, your goal should be to invest in remodels or upgrades that will increase the resale value of your property.

What's more, improving the overall appearance of your home will attract people who are looking to buy a new house. When they check out your home, you want to give them a good first impression, encourage them to apply for a mortgage loan and make an offer to buy your house.

Before you put your home out on the market, you need to know which areas of your house you'll need to improve to increase its value and help you sell it for more.

Do you need help with this goal? Keep these home improvement ideas in mind that will help increase the market value of your residential property:

1. Garden or Yard

According to an article published in House Beautiful, the value of your home can go up by 77 percent when you take the time to landscape your garden. Some things you can do to spruce up the overall appearance of your garden include:

How you improve or redesign your garden or backyard plays a huge role in shaping family enjoyment and experience.

When updating your yard, make this part of your home a dynamic place to explore or relax. Take note that you can ask a professional for help, as there may be home improvement projects that are too difficult to do on your own. This is especially true for projects that require you to make your home bigger, such as converting a part of your yard into a nice sunroom.

2. Kitchen

Dated appliances and a kitchen that has seen better days are home improvement opportunities. A more modern-looking kitchen can spell the difference between getting a buyer to say "yes" to your asking price and looking elsewhere.

Although there are cases wherein kitchen remodeling will cost more, a good kitchen is a must if you want to sell your entire property at a good price.

Kitchens make homeowners happy, especially those who love to whip up delicious meals for their family. It's a worthy investment but you have to do proper research before starting anything. Learn about the cost of the home improvement project, what you'll gain from this upgrade or renovation and things you can do to reduce expenses.

3. Living Room

Expandingor improving your interior is another investment that would help make your property more marketable. Some big families prefer a spacious living room.

Take note, though, that this is not just about space. You'll want the living room to have great lighting. Think about adding lighting fixtures and other accessories that will make this part of your home look bright and spacious.

4. Bathroom

Bathroom home improvement projects can net you a high ROI if you execute them properly. Some buyers are particular about the design and look of a bathroom. Outdated and cramped bathrooms will be harder to sell.Boost the appeal of the house by improving the functionality, aesthetics and comfort of this area.

5. Wood Flooring

Old, dirty and worn flooring will turn off most buyers in a flash. This goes the same for outdated carpets.

If your carpet has seen better days, you are better off just throwing it out and showing off your hardwood floors - so long as they're in good condition.

If the floors themselves need fixing, then consider getting in touch with a trusted floor contractor to help you fix or update this part of your house.

A Final Word

Your home is one of your biggest investments. Renovating it, therefore, is a great move for increasing the value of your residential property.

Do note, however, that increasing the value of your home does not always equal a return of investment on a particular renovation cost. Conducting research beforehand and setting goals, therefore, are important to sell homes at better prices.

Figure out how much you're willing to allocate for renovations or improvements to reach the selling price that you want. Once you have your budget, consider one or more of the five home improvement ideas that will help increase the market value of your house.