As a successful businesswoman, Becky Kueker knew all about the importance of making a plan and working the plan, especially when it came to her retirement. She spent years preparing for her golden years, creating financial spread sheets, researching great places to retire, planning exciting trips to take, and reading all the "self-help" retirement books she could find.

What she never anticipated was the emotional aspect of retirement and the impact it would have on her marriage, her friendships, or her daily life. No wonder she did not want to get out of her pajamas; she literally had no idea who she was or what she wanted to do as she closed one door to open another. Becky has captured her emotional roller coaster ride in a funny, honest and insightful book that looks at retirement from a woman’s perspective.

Becky Kueker

Hiding in My Pajamas, A Professional Woman’s Journey to a Financially and Emotionally Healthy Retirement is filled with laughter, tears and poignant thoughts and stories from other professional women about their retirement. Becky knows there are nagging questions audiences have about their money and how to prepare for retirement. How do I know I am ready for retirement? What does it actually mean to close the door on your career? How do I handle the marital turbulence, emotional stereotypes, and financial challenges along the way?

Hiding in My Pajamas, Becky Kueker

Becky’s humorous approach in describing her own false steps and her willingness to both laugh and cry at all that retirement has thrown at her make for an entertaining yet compelling and instructive story that resonates with audiences of all ages and genders. Hiding in My Pajamas is a must-read for anyone anticipating retirement.


Becky is a Tucson, AZ-based, nationally known author and speaker traveling around the U.S. providing presentations that relate to her personal journey. She retired from a 20-year career as a partner in a woman-owned, commercial architectural and interior design firm. Leading business development and forming strategic relationships with Fortune 500 companies around the world, she was named a top Woman of Achievement, was honored with a "Star Catchers" Award by the St. Louis County Library and is a recipient of the YWCA President's Award honor.