Even if we believe that the man should be the breadwinner of the family, we usually see that women are the ones who make it all fit. Now that most are at home because of the pandemic, they're working extra hard not only to budget but also to work. But managing household money isn't all about working hard; it's also about working smarter. Because of this, it's a must that the women of the Filipino family should be better educated when it comes to their finances.

Make More Informed Decisions

As mentioned earlier, the women in the Filipino family are usually the ones who manage the budget. It follows that they're the ones who make the major financial decisions, such as choosing which items to buy at the supermarket. With the average know-how, possibly the best that they could muster is comparing prices and the value of discounted items versus the non-discounted ones. With better financial education, they can learn how to check credit score or compute for interest and other fees on their own, so they can, for example, choose between saving up or taking out a loan.

Improve Their Attitude Towards Money

For many Filipino women, especially mothers, money can easily be seen as a source of stress. And why not, with all the payments they have to make, including utilities, food, and their children's education. It can even become more of a challenge when they make loans and the bills come. Improved financial literacy helps them look at money as more of a tool that they can use rather than as a problem. They will also be able to learn which kinds of expenses they should prioritize and how they can afford to worry less about what they can't put money into.

Open Themselves to Possibilities

When Filipino women know more about money and how to handle it, they get to see more options, such as making investments. These have always been around but aren't typically considered because they don't have the right outlook for it. Once they do with the proper education, however, no matter how much they have in their wallets, they can make it work for them. And they don't have to stick with merely saving, but also creating wealth for themselves.

Lower the Uncertainty of the Future

It's been a common notion that children should study hard and get good jobs so that they can give back to their parents when they grow old. But that mindset puts everyone in a trap. The parents nor the children won't have the freedom to do what they truly want with their money and their lives. Upgrading financial literacy can let mothers not only keep their families provided for but also prevent them from putting an unnecessary financial burden on their kids in the future. After all, it's the parents' job to take care of the kids, not the other way around.

It's not just women who can benefit from improved financial knowledge, but enabling them to do more with their money can make a significant impact on households all over the country. And if women can do it, everyone else can, too.