This year, RingCentral, Inc. and Atos SE announced plans to release a UO (Unify Office) in the United States to ease many business operations. RingCentral, Inc. is one of the prestigious global enterprises with expertise in collaboration, cloud communications, contact center solutions, video conferencing, and meeting solutions for those who don't know.

Talking about UO will introduce you to UCaaS (unified communication-as-a-Service) as a medium for businesses to interact and closely collaborate with the video, voice, team meetings, and messaging needs. All these functions will be executed through a single enterprise solution for better effectiveness.

"Customers seek communication and collaboration solutions that interact with their preferred business applications and provide future-proofed capabilities for businesses of all sizes. With Unify Office, customers can leverage the unique combination of message, video, and enterprise phone system capabilities together in a single application,"

- Oliver Coste, Head of Unified Communications at Atos North America

Unify Office is incorporated with some amazing features to enable the best in organizations while helping them scale their operations to the next level. Some of them talked about features in Unify Office include -

  • Improved call features - There is a complete line of new features enabling users to switch a voice call into a video call in a blink of an eye. Moreover, the user will be able to authorize the calls which are aligned with other user's extensions, if required. Besides, businesses will be able to manage the setup queue overflow wisely. This will end the hassle of routing more calls to voicemail. Eventually, this is going to add more to the overall efficiency of the business.
  • Integrating the team messaging features - The latest version of UO will develop an in-built messaging application enabling users to get a better grip over the messages even when on a voice or video call. Not just this, the user will be able to pin action the required items for quick and seamless follow-up while keeping better team accountability in mind.
  • Better video call quality and security - It may interest you to know that Unify Office will come with different interfaces, including - admin, moderator controls, host, user, and much more. Besides, the unify office will let each user have their own personal accounts secured with a unique admin ID and password.
  • View - The participants get the liberty of switching their screen and video gallery view to different layouts based on their unique requirements. The addition of an active speaker and film strip will enhance the user experience dramatically.

What's so good about UO?

It's an open platform with a full-on scope of easy integrations - The user can easily integrate UO with the existing business applications. It blends perfectly with some applications like - Microsoft, Salesforce, Google Suite, and many more. Many pre-built integrations help to customize the workflow effectively.

"With Atos Unify now available in the US, more of Atos' customers will have access to a single, secure, and trusted business communications solution with integrated team messaging, video meetings, and an enterprise cloud phone system, enabling people and teams to be productive and efficient."

- Anand Eswaran, President and Chief Operating Officer at RingCentral Inc.