The world is going through the most challenging crisis, and philanthropy keeps it going. Fortunately, people and organizations are lending a hand to help those in need. But if you run a charity, you will know that driving donation isn’t as easy as you expect it to be. People are stressed, and charity may be the last thing on their minds. Additionally, there is competition in the non-profit domain too, which means you have to think outside the box to make people stick with your cause.

Using fashion for philanthropy is a good idea, and it gets even better if you use jewelry with a purpose. It gives you an edge if you are a woman because you will probably have a discerning eye for exquisite pieces. But you may need some help with the ideas to get donations pouring in with them. Here are some ideas to drive donations with jewelry.

Token of appreciation

While philanthropic people have a genuine intention to help, appreciation always brings a good feeling. You can do the bit by gifting jewelry as a token of appreciation. They will see it as a grateful gesture for a noble deed and have your organization on top of their mind the next time they want to contribute to charity. You can even have levels of giving, with different pieces of jewelry for different contributions. It is a good way to entice people who want to add these pieces as mementos to their collection.

Auction and sell

Rather than seeking direct donations from people, you can make money for your charity by auctioning and selling high-end jewelry pieces. Connect with a charity auction vendor who crafts jewels for a purpose. These vendors sell quality items at nominal prices. It means that you can get larger profit margins, and these go for a noble cause. These sellers sideline retail channels, and the middlemen are eliminated so that you can make good money for your organization. These auctions and sales can be organized online or at local events and exhibitions, and you can raise massive contributions for helping those in need.

Give away as raffle prizes

Raffle prizes are a great way to entice donation, and organizations often rely on proceeds from raffles to fuel their initiatives. People love them because they can try their luck while giving for a good cause. You can make a raffle draw even more exciting by highlighting scintillating pieces of jewelry as giveaways. Ticket sales will definitely soar when you have such attractive prizes on display, and you will have more women buying them. You need not even do a lot to promote the draw because there will be plenty of word-of-mouth marketing when you offer jewelry. Just display your stuff around, and your raffle will be the talk of the town sooner than you know.

Fashion for philanthropy is perhaps the most viable tactic for charitable organizations. You can rely on jewelry because it will bring donations once, and people will be happy to come back and give again.