Marcio Bueno is the founder of BE&SK, a Brazil-based company focused on the techno-humanization of organizations.

Marcio created the methodology of Techno-Humanization of Organizations. He is also a speaker, author and business mentor.

Marcio Bueno

Q: Marcio, after reading your article about why the digital transformation processes fail in companies, you mentioned the lack of alignment and focus on the business models that have an actual impact and the exclusive focus on the technology and not on the people. Another aspect that caught our attention, in a positive way, was the concept of the Active and Passive Digital Transformation. In the end, you point out that there is a method capable of covering the gaps you mentioned, called the Techno-Humanization of the corporations and I would like to know more about it.

Can you tell us a little bit more about Techno-Humanization and what does it mean?

The Techno-Humanization is a framework that approaches and integrates the system of Technology, Business & Mindset Transformation.

Q: What is its goal?

A: Connect technology and people, through techno-humanized innovation in order to transform companies in profitable and conscious organizations.

Q: What do you consider a profitable and conscious company?

The method is based on the concepts of conscious capitalism and the triple bottom line management system. It is crucial that companies have profits, however, not at any cost. It is not worth it!

Q: Do you think that profitable and conscious companies are a mere trend?

No, it is a necessity and I am going to tell you why it is not a trend. The new generations are more sensible regarding the environment and society. On the other side, the traditional form of capitalism, economies based on growth and not development, negotiations of sum zero, but they are unacceptable.

Q: Talking about the framework, how does it work?

Actually it was built as a journey. We identified several gaps in the process of digital transformation and built models and tools to cover them. Actually, BE&SK does not call it “digital transformation” for more than a year, because digital transformation refers only to the digital technology, however, there are many analogic technologies that will have an impact in many sectors, companies, and people, that is why we call it “technology transformation”.

Q: Name an example of analogic technology?

An example would be the Impossible burger, an analogic technology that will impact the chain of the agribusiness.

Q: What is the Active and Passive Digital Transformation?

The Active Digital Transformation is the impacts a company creates and causes on others and the Passive Digital Transformation is the impacts a company receives from the other technological transformations made by the other companies.

Q: You said that the Digital Transformation, in the majority of cases, takes us to business transformation. How does Techno-Humanization treat that?

Business Transformation is the second pillar of the method, it has 12 business drives, divided into 3 levels: Cultural, Organizational and Operational. The tool created aims to take the company that treats the pain of the client to actually heal the cause of the pain of the client.

There is a mantra in the startup world that states that a company must heal the pain of its clients, the Techno-Humanization does not agree with that.

If a company lives from healing the pain of the client, what does it dream of with all its heart when it wakes up every morning?

That its clients are in a lot of pain…

What if the clients are not in pain? Suddenly, your marketing is about causing pain to the client.

We live in a world where marketing lives from creating adversity in order to sell easiness.

The Techno-Humanization eases the pain of the client and aims to cure the cause of the pain.

Q: Where does the part of the Mindset Transformation enter?

There is no transformation, of any kind, without a change in the mentality. We realized that in order for the Technology Transformation e a Business Transformation to be real, effective and sustainable throughout time, a Mindset Transformation is necessary.

On this matter, we work on two points, at the beginning of the process, where some clients need to understand why they have to be a conscious company and, after that, it is about how to transform the mindset. In a didactic way, we present the method in our workshops as Technology, Business & Mindset Transformation, however, in the implementation processes of the method on the companies, the part of the Mindset Transformation is introduced in the Technology and the Business Transformation.

Q: What is the advantage of being a Techno-Humanization company?

First of all, studies have shown that conscious companies are more profitable, we can see that on Raj Sisodias book, Firms Endearment, where companies that use conscious capitalism practices from S&P 500 where 14x more profitable than companies that did not use them.

Therefore, the entrepreneur that does not want to Techno-humanize its company based on consciousness, at least it should do it because of business intelligence. If it is not done now for any of the reason, in a few months, there will be a third party, the necessity. Most of the startups that are arising aim to create a positive impact and the more “traditional” companies will not be able to compete.

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