As the government is legalizing cannabis across multiple states, entrepreneurs are finding new and lucrative opportunities.

Since the number of dispensaries increases, it is vital to stay up-to-date on compliance and security to stay updated about the law and protect the investments. Whether businesses focus is on recreational or medical, it is vital to turn attention to cultivation, extraction, calibration, testing, manufacturing, transporting, and delivering. After all, these processes play a crucial role.

Is your enterprise goal to keep your regulators happy and protect staff and inventory? If yes, then it is worth knowing some best practices. Some of these are:

  • Focus on the Physical Security and Safety:

While it may be obvious, yet know that you need to safeguard your employees and customers from harm. Since security is engaging and vital, experts like armaplex suggest taking the following measures:

  1. Having security professionals at the front and back doors
  2. Using cameras, door access control systems, intrusion detections, and others.
  3. Ensuring that covert security measures like hold-up buttons find effective placing and greater accessibility.
  4. Hardening critical areas by reinforcing ceilings, roofs, walls, doors, floors, etc.
  5. Implementing layered measures for enhancing security. For instance, entries must have attack-resistant materials; cameras must have clear sightlines and automated locking mechanisms.

In addition to these, ensure investing time and efforts in staff training. It is because this aspect ensures physical security and safety. And, staff members would be able to deal with crises, if any.

  • Commitment to Strong Operational Security and Due Diligence:

Government regulations impose strict measures on the accessibility, handling, and disposal of inventory. Thereby, as an owner, make sure you have clear measures for entering and working in restricted areas.

Ensure developing, documenting, and implementing the processes for meeting regulatory standards. Also, it is essential to have systems that enforce processes and deal with violations. Evaluate the problem areas, document clear procedures for expected behavior. Educate dispensary staff on the repercussions of non-compliance.

Know that due diligence is an integral action entrepreneur can take to protect their business investment. You can also get in touch with security and legal experts to develop a keen understanding of regulatory requirements.

  • Never Slack on Cyber Security:

Since you aren’t dealing with digital financial transactions, you may not prioritize cyber security. However, it is worth knowing that cyberattacks threaten much more than customer credit accounts.

These may hack the local area networks, send phishing emails, and adopt other strategies for helping hackers gain access to computers. What’s even worse is that the results can be pretty frightening. Some of the issues you as a dispensary owner may face are:

  1. Hackers may access medical customer IDs, and other identifying information may put you behind bars for violating HIPAA regulations.
  2. Attackers with access to automated systems may threaten to damage crops and demand payment.
  3. May sabotage the security systems.
  4. Malicious access to customer personal information may find usage in extortion schemes.

Therefore, it is wise to have cyber security personnel in place. The professional may help you develop programs, devise policies, and encourage training.

The Bottom Line

With increasing growth in the cannabis industry, it is wise to take note of some factors that aim at securing your business. After all, your business is likely to succeed only when there is a minimum business risk, and the venture is rewarding.