The pandemic is here, and businesses have to struggle to stay afloat. The best way to get through is by doing more with less. There are many ways you can do it, from hiring multi-tasking employees to investing in productivity tools. You can also change the way you use business signage. The idea is to find ways to enhance your brand’s visibility with less effort and investment. You only have to be a little creative to get the best from this investment. Here are some unique ideas you can try.

Win with words

Another brilliant idea to win with business signage is by creating the right content. Pick your wording carefully and make sure it conveys the message of your brand, product, and service. Avoid giving away too much because people want to explore more when you only give hints. Using catchy quotes and phrases is a good idea, but keep them crisp and relevant. You can even add a call to action, asking the audience to drop in and know more.

Illuminate the signs

Lights can enhance signage and get the attention of everyone around. They can make your location visible from a distance, more so when it is dark. Retail and hospitality businesses need to illuminate their signage to give directions to potential customers and help them reach their locations. You can even install illuminated direction signs with arrow markers and maps to get your in-store traffic booming.

Use colors and hues

Nothing makes more impact than colors and hues when it comes to making your business signage stand out. Ideally, the color of signage should align with your brand's identity. But you can think outside the box and play with something different. You can try Brite Lite Tribe signs to make your brand shine with neon. Neon makes the text pop and scores well on the visibility front. There couldn’t be a better idea when you want to do more with less.

Play with sizes

The right size of signage makes all the difference to its visibility. Signs that are too small or large for an area will not do much good. Smaller signs are ideal when viewers can get close to them, such as in the parking lot or near the entrance. Larger ones are suitable for areas visible from a distance, like on busy streets or higher up on buildings. You need to get the size mix right to get the visibility and reach you want.

Keep it minimal

"Less is more" is the rule of thumb for designing a sign for your business. Try to emphasize the valuable information and core message of your brand. Custom signs with your logo, brand name, and a small phrase do well. Using more white space is important, as it increases readability and holds the attention of the reader. Minimal designs are trending, so don’t miss out on them.

Business signage is an essential element of branding. But it goes beyond only installing random signs at any spot. You need to do more with less to create impact without spending a fortune.