Are you one of those hotel owners who think that guests only want in-room amenities? If yes, then you might need to think again. Nowadays, hotel services are not limited to in-room services, but go far and beyond. For instance – spa and sauna, conference room services, laundry services, and whatnot. So, if you want to reap the higher returns, you must take these into account.

Moving forward, first, you have to find out the answer to questions like –

  • What is the unique selling proposition of your hotel?
  • What do your guests have to say about staying at your hotel and your services?

Keeping these in mind, let’s give you some ideas to boost your hotel business.

Be a problem solver for locals – Besides providing everyday services to the locals like lodging, give them the opportunity to acquire augmented hospitality. It means anticipating every need of the customer and providing them solutions. For instance – you can consult with a hotel spa management before including a host of therapies into your offering. There can be some services that may not be so popular in your local areas. Besides, by offering local services you are also creating employment. Which is yet another solution to a social problem.

Rent out your amenities – In addition to the guests, locals might also want to try out the facilities of your hotel. For this, you can offer them monthly memberships of pool or gym, to name a few. Sometimes locals need to gather for the weeknight or fortnight meetings. In this case, you can offer them short-term rentals of conference rooms. Providing them with the parking spaces for monthly rentals can also work out.

Make your hotel kid and pet friendly – Families that travel frequently prefer kid-friendly hotels. You can offer recreational activities for kids like a pool with toys or summer camps in the summers. Furthermore, nowadays many families take their pets with them on trips. Offering per-friendly services at your hotel is the means to generate more revenue. Some hotels offer a special menu for furry friends. Some more offer special packages for both the pets and owners to treat them like VIPs. Moreover, your pet can savor the organic dishes specifically made for him. Hence, make your hotel a welcoming place for kids as well as pets.

Hand it over to the holding/investment company – If you want to take your revenue levels a notch higher, taking the help of the spa management company is advisable. Why? They have the ability to transform spas into highly lucrative business models within the world’s finest hotels. A holding company holds the stocks in other companies and then helps generate more revenue for you. So, it is a wise idea to hand your assets to the holding company.

Keep your guest preferences in mind - How can you deal with the preferences of your guests? You can design special preference packages for them. Or you can team up with the local event venues to promote the concerts that might interest them. If your guest is a foodie, you can coordinate with the local pubs and provide special discounts to them. Do your guests love to taste wines? You can offer them a tour of a local winery.

Final Words

It is needless to say that implementing the ideas as mentioned above can keep your business afloat in the hospitality industry. And who wouldn’t want to earn more? So, take your hotel business to the next level.