Audrey Waldron is the founder of She Does, a swimwear line that has unique styles and the motto behind her brand is She does it all, she does mom, she does entrepreneur.

Q: What inspired you to start your own swimsuit line?

I modeled prior to starting my own swimwear line which allowed me to see multiple layers into the fashion and swimwear segment. Because I wore swimwear, was a lifelong creative, and always wanted to be my own boss I decided that why not do something that I’m passionate about but also something I know from every aspect. As a woman, I wear these suits daily. I know how they’re supposed to fit, what is complimenting to my body, and what’s not so flattering. I took that knowledge and paired it with my passion, allowing women to feel good in suits that compliment them daily.

Q: Tell us more about how you balance being a mom and entrepreneur.

Balance is constant. Balance implies a give and take daily. I don’t think being a mom has a negative connotation when it comes to being an entrepreneur. How many men are asked how it’s like balancing being a Dad and a business leader. I’ve never heard that question asked. Be a good person, work harder, and love you kids and friends. No special recipe there.

Q: Any tips to stay motivated as an entrepreneur?

You’re either doing what you love or you’re not. To me that has less to do with being an entrepreneur as it does with doing what you love. Whether you’re running a startup, you’re a police woman, or a teacher. If you love what you’re doing, motivation comes easy. Hard days are a little less hard when you’re committed and enjoy what you’re doing.

Q: Can you share with us any business mistakes that you've made and what you would have done differently.

I would have taken the time to better lay out my business model. I started with a lot of passion and didn’t understand the landscape of the industry enough before I started. Lesson: Do your homework. Not just competitive analysis, but supply chain research, design resources, and marketing strategies. I learned that as I went along and that caused some snags. All these hurdles are able to be scaled, just take some time to learn a little before jumping. Don’t wait too long or you’ll never do it, but take the time to talk to people, do the hard research in the business segment you’re entering, and think about where you fall within your competitive analysis.

Q: What are some of your future goals for She Does?

My goal is to grow from swimsuits to a lifestyle brand. A brand that not only empowers women, but men, and children as well. So from SheDoes to TheyDo. Positive body influence paired with a hard work ethic can accomplish a lot in this world. I’d like to bring products to market which not only empower, but motivate people to reach for more in their lives.