You're sitting in your chair with your fingers crossed. Your palms are sweating and your forehead is damp. The interview did go well but the HR manager wasn't really pleased with your upfront attitude. You're hoping she doesn't put in a "word" of recommendation. Let's not go down that road. Let's continue to think positively.

But for how long? You're getting impatient and all the good jobs have been going to others across the city or the whole of South America for all you know. This can't go on like this anymore. There has to be a way to find something worthwhile. There has to be some channel that leads you to better opportunities and possibly your dream job. What could it be? Let's find out:

1. Start Your Very Own Blog

Have you ever thought about starting your very own blog? It is not just a great way to pass your time but also a fantastic way to make your presence felt on the internet. You can start a new blog on a topic that interests you the most. You can also write about the topics that are more relevant to the industry that you want to enter into. These blogs can even be pointed at your future employer or narrate the kind of experiences that you have had in the past as an employee anywhere in South America. You should keep your blog engaging and interesting for everyone who chooses to read it. Keep on updating your blog as you go on adding more content to your web page. You won't even know when an opportunity is going to knock at your door with the most amazing job offer for you.

2. Don't Just Rely On Your Resume

You can always create a very attractive and interesting profile on platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. You have to create a very powerful portfolio on these platforms to attract probable employers. These platforms are not only to showcase your accomplishments but also to tell others about your ambition and passions in life. Your profile is going to tell people what you stand for and what you want to achieve in the future. These platforms give you an amazing opportunity to connect with industry leaders and thinkers, pioneers, entrepreneurs, and influential personalities from all over the world. It might be one of the most practical ways to land your dream job within practically no time.  

3. Brush Up Your Acting Skills

You can also come up with a video resume if you want. All you have to do is just work on your expressions and not act too loud. This is one of the most interesting and effective ways to get the top organizations to notice you and your work. You can talk at length about your experiences and your skill sets. You can talk about your achievements, previous projects, mistakes, lessons learned, and so much more in this 30-second video clip. Remember not to make it complicated and always try to highlight your strengths more than your weaknesses.

4. Volunteer Yourself

Ok, this is getting even more interesting. You should be able to find several volunteering projects in your neighborhood. Some of the latest and most innovative job finding services in South America could have something for you too. Volunteering is one of the most unconventional approaches that you will ever take. Do not focus primarily on the monetary aspect of this activity. Remember that this is going to enrich your life and give you a brand-new experience. The focus is on grabbing the attention of the employer by the way of contributing towards a cause. You can easily find a freelance project over the internet or any support group that is aligned with your thought process. Volunteering is both fun and effective.

5. Faking It Works All The Time

No, you are not going to lie on your resume or even during your interview. You may find that some job positions are completely out of your expertise and skill sets but they could be a great way to get into an organization that you have always wanted to work for. It is important not to let your lack of experience ruin your confidence level. You can always learn while you work in that company, provided you get just one opportunity to set your foot in the door. The trick is to learn from all the sources that you can find such as Google, YouTube, Facebook, written as well as video tutorials, and much more.

6. Apply For A Job That Doesn't Exist

How is that possible? How can you apply for a job that never existed in the first place? It is because several companies don't post all the job offers that they might have in the offering. You can always apply on their official websites and could easily land your dream job, provided you do that quite frequently. Remember that landing your dream job with this approach is not going to be that easy. Your chances are probably just a little more than 1%. Some positions might already be filled with highly skilled and experienced employees. However, the company might find you refreshing and your personality endearing enough to create a new position for you in their hierarchy.

7. Acquire Unique Skills

It is never too late to start learning or acquiring new skills in life. As a professional, you will have to constantly update your skill sets. This gives you the opportunity to get noticed by employers across South America who would otherwise ignore you. In such a situation, even if you do not have the right experience or enough knowledge about the discipline, you still might get hired owing to your will and determination to learn new things and acquire skills that can further your career.

Final Thoughts  

You're almost there. You've understood how traditional ways of finding employment can only deliver so much. Employers have altered their modes of search. They look for diverse skills sets and all-rounded personalities and this has made them switch to unconventional channels of finding that talent. You just have to be present in those very pools of people for better exposure. You have to highlight your abilities and prove that you're worthy of that job. You know how to do that now.