Abby teaches new entrepreneurs how to create aligned business and scale to 6 figures in less than 12 months.

She envisioned her professional life 20 years ago, but let people talk her out of it because it didn't make sense to them. No one had ever heard of a Business Coach before, but eventually, Abby trusted her intuition to pursue her unique path, and she succeeded.

Abby has been a serial entrepreneur since she was 24, starting with a brick-and-mortar dance apparel store, Dance Diva. She taught herself marketing, advertising, accounting, how to build a website, social media marketing, and all other aspects congruous with running a business.

In 2014, she started building websites for Crossfit boxes, Beachbody coaches, and personal trainers. She set a goal to hit $100k that first year and crushed that goal. In 2016 her website building morphed into a small business coaching business, and she taught all aspects of business systems to entrepreneurs. In 2018, she was brought onto the Matthew Hussey team as a Systems Architect to build out all of their email sequences and sales funnels.

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Q: What's your background, and what are you working on?

In the past 15 years, I’ve built 4 separate 6-figure businesses. I built a brick-and-mortar dance apparel store, I launched a website building company, I coached small business owners and created a tech systems business. I love creating new businesses and I could probably build a new business, from scratch, with my eyes closed and 1 hand tied behind my back; tech systems are MY JAM! In fact, my most recent work was as a Systems Architect, where I built out all the marketing automation and email sequences for Matthew Hussey of Get the Guy.

But something happened a year ago; I saw women losing their steady jobs through no fault of their own, struggling to create income and turning to online business, but getting stuck on the tech, and I knew I needed to step up and do more to help. I decided to go back to my roots of teaching women simple, practical ways to build an aligned, and profitable, business.

Abby Schultz

Q: What motivated you to get started with your company?

I’ve known my whole life that I was here to change the world, so because of what saw happening in March 2020, I joined a business mastermind to help me strengthen my social media skills and to help me reach the women I was there to help; but when I got it that group, it showed me I already had all the technical, practical skills so what I really needed was to open my heart and, that I don’t have to change the world on my own, I just have to help other people recognize that they can.

And so now, since then, I’m stepping forward and I’m trying to see how can I help other people do that as well, to give them, not only the business skills they need and to step forward and create the thing that they want to create very practically, but to open them up to see what’s possible; what’s the biggest dream that they have that we can achieve and I truly believe that it is possible now, for us to change the world, all of us.

Q: How have you attracted clients and grown your firm?

I know, so deeply within my soul, who I am talking to whenever I show up. Her name is Molly. I’ve described her struggles, her pain points and how I can help her, so whenever I post, speak, or write and send an email, I’m speaking directly to her. You might have heard people in business define this as their Ideal Client. Molly is my ideal client and I speak directly to her. If you align with Molly, then my words of wisdom will touch you deeply and inspire you to take action and chase your dreams; if you aren’t Molly, then you’ll probably scroll right past me, or even unfollow me.

It’s a very simple concept, speak directly to your person to attract them to you. It’s not always so easy to implement, because newbie entrepreneurs want to help everyone so they have a bigger audience. Heck even some experienced biz owners trip on this, it’s a daily dance.

Q: What are your goals for the future?

I want to cure cancer, to create access to clean water for everyone, to solve the hunger crisis, end racism and reverse global warming. These aren’t things I know anything about, but I know there’s women out there who have the dream, desires and answers for these issues, but they feel stuck, or like they are too average to have dreams this big. My mission is to let every Molly out there know, you aren’t stuck, you’re just scared and to provide her the courage and confidence to move forward and begin chasing her dreams, no matter how big and scary and unreachable they may seem in the beginning! Let them call us Dreamers, let them call us Crazy; to paraphrase a quote from Steve Jobs: “…because the ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do."

Q: What are the biggest challenges you've faced and obstacles you've overcome?

The biggest challenge for me to overcome has been people-pleasing. I’ve struggled with it since I was 12. My parents had a very messy divorce and I had to grow up really fast, because I was taking care of my younger sister. At that point, I was no longer allowed to be a child, dreaming and playing, because I had responsibilities and so I began to play it safe by doing and being what my family wanted me to be as I pursued the “good adult” path.

Tech was always a great escape for me, whenever it gave me problems, I could google the issue and eventually find a solution. With tech I always felt in control, however with people-pleasing, that requires inner work, and I had to scratch the scab off of old wounds to be able to address my people-pleasing. I’m 38 now and while I’m definitely in a better place of allowing myself to see what’s possible, those people-pleasing tendencies can still creep in.

Q: What's your advice for female founders who are just starting out?

I have so much advice for newbie female founders, but I’ll keep it brief!

1-You aren’t stuck, you’re scared.

2-Take the first step and just get started, no matter how small it seems, it’s still a step forward.

3-There isn’t a right or wrong way to start a business, it all depends on what you want to do, who you are and what feels most aligned with your goals. Find a mentor or coach who can help you navigate the overwhelm.